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Graham-Field Pill Crusher / Splitter

Item No. Description Price Quant
5713 Graham-Field Pill Crusher / Splitter $6

Graham-Field Pill Crusher / Splitter crushes tablets to a fine powder with a twist of the wrist or splits tablets in half with a stainless steel edge, requiring little pressure. It's specially-designed heavy-duty plastic container is dishwasher safe. After crushing them, it can be used as a drinking vessel.

FEATURES for Graham-Field Pill Crusher / Splitter

  • Crushes tablets to a fine powder
  • Splits tablets in half with a stainless steel edge
  • Requires little pressure
  • Specially-designed heavy-duty plastic container
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Stores pills
  • Provides a drinking vessel
  • One Graham-Field Pill Crusher/Splitter

Printed Pill Envelope

Item No. Description Price Quant
9600 Apply Moisture To Seal. Size: 3 ½" X 2 ½" $25
9600SS Self-seal Closure $21

Printed Pill Envelope

FEATURES for Printed Pill Envelope

Printed Pill Envelope

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