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Pediatric Anterior Safety Roller

Item No. Description Price Quant
PE1000BL Black, 20" Wide $319
PE1000R Red, 20" Wide $319
PE1000WB Burgundy, 22.5" Wide $319
PE1000WBK Black, 22.5" Wide $319
PE1000XL 22.5" - 27.5" Adjustable $389
PETYKE 18" Wide Tyke $319

Ideal for patients with limited hand function and / or limited cognizance, This Pediatric SAFETY ROLLERS are available in four sizes to accommodate children from early childhood through young adulthood. These Safety Rollers build confidence in children as they encourage safe ambulation and a sense of freedom. The child is never without support and is always in full control.

FEATURES for Pediatric Anterior Safety Roller

  • The adjustments and compatible modular components of the pediatric anterior safety roller provide substantial built-in growth. 
  • This in conjunction with its sturdy and functional design allow for many years of use. 
  • Height adjustable in 1" increments.
  • Applying pressure to the handlebar activates braking mechanism. 
  • When brake is engaged, the brake stopper hits the wheel and the wheels cannot roll.
  • Adjustable brake spring tension.
  • The pediatric safety roller halts in step with the patient and the braking mechanism automatically engages when patient stumbles.
  • Folds easily and stands on its own in the folded position.
  • Skid resistant, non-marring, easy rolling neoprene wheels. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Patient is situated in the center of the Safety Roller, which provides maximum support and improved posture.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.

SPECIFICATIONS for Pediatric Anterior Safety Roller

Model Adjustment Height Width Width btwn Handlebar

PETYKE 17" - 22" 18" 14"
PE1000R/BL: 22" - 28" 20" 15.5"
PE1000WB/BK: 23.5" - 29.5" 22.5" 17.5"
PE1000XL: 22.5" - 27.5" 17.5" - 22.5"

Bariatric Safety Rollator-Steel

Item No. Description Price Quant
82400 Rollator, Weight Capacity: 500 Lbs. $365
82700 Rollator, Weight Capacity: 1000 Lbs. $485
821020 IV Pole/Holder $134
821035 Platform Attachment, Pair $413
821060 Ankle Prompts, Pair $248
821186 Folding Seat, For Model 82400 Only $191
821190 Folding Seat, For Model 82700 Only $163
821200 Speed Dial, Pair $53
821250 Oxygen Tank Holder $72
821300 Swivel Locks, Pair $53
821315 Wire Basket $26
821400 Height Extenders, Pair, For Model 82400 Only $67
821700 Height Extenders, Pair, For Model 82700 Only $134

Constructed of Steel supplies added safety.

FEATURES for Bariatric Safety Rollator-Steel

  • Constructed of steel tubing and has a powder coated finish.
  • All joints are welded.
  • Spring tension braking system designed.
  • Skid resistant, non-marring, easy rolling ball bearing 4" casters.
  • With four swivel front wheels.
  • Height in 1" increments.
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