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Alternating Pressure Pump And Pad

Retail Price: $168.00, Our Price: $116.00 (31% off) Printable
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The best value of pressure pump and pad with heavy-duty embossed finish. Shipping is free.

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552-1984-0000 Alternating Pressure Pump And Pad $168.00 $116.00
552-1980-0000 Alternating Pressure Pump Only$134.00 $93.00
552-1982-0000 Alternating Pressure Pad Only$41.00 $28.00

FEATURES for Alternating Pressure Pump And Pad

  • Alternating Pressure Pump:
    • U.L. listed.
    • 3-wire hospital-grade cord and plug.
    • Illuminated on/off switch.
  • Alternating Pressure Pad:
    • Quiet, safe and effective.
    • 21 body support tubes continually change pressure.
    • Heavy-duty embossed finish.
    • Tough, long-lasting 16 gauge vinyl.

SPECIFICATIONS for Alternating Pressure Pump And Pad

Pressure Pump

Power: 110V / 60Hz
Size: 7 1/4" x 3 3/4" x 3"
Bubble Pad

Size Inflated: 72" x 32"
Size Deflated: 90" x 36"
Height of Cell: 2 1/2"
Tubing Length: 5 1/2"
Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.

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 Questions & Comments (5)

Qwhat size does it come in im needing a queen size.
ANo, there is no other sizes on the market for such product. You will need to consider a different type of product for queen size. Please read the answers for the same question on the page of product.
QI can't seem to quantify the differences between the various alternating pressure mattress pads. I have an adjustable king size bed. Do any come in king size or not? I suffer from terrible sciatica and overall body pain. The adjustable beds helps a bit, but not enough. I'm on Pacific time right now, so if you call, please do not call before 9:30 AM PDT. The best times to reach me are Monday mornings until noon; Tuesdays; Thursdays; and Fridays. However each day is subject to change. In the past, the mfr of the inexpensive inflatable beds made an inflatable king size mattress topper; but they stopped making them and I haven't found anything else as comfortable. Eventually, the plastic cracked in too many places to repair.
AAll of the alternating pressure pads on the market are standard twin size only. If you need a wider mattress like this, you will need to consider a bariatric alternating pressure mattress. However, the widest mattress like this is 60" that is similar to queen size. There is no such king size model on the market. You can select from one of the models on the following page:


Sorry, we are not aware of the mattress topper that you are referring to. At least for pressure relief purpose to prevent and heal bedsores, alternating pressure mattress is the most effective mainstream solution.
QWhat is the difference between a gel overlay mattress versus an alternating pressure pad?
AGel overlay mattress is filled with gel and is static. Alternating pressure pad is filled with air and is alternating driven by an air pump controller that needs electricity.
QWould this product work in a power lift chair? We are interested in the 3-position chair. Thank you for your time. J. Friend
ANo, it is only used for beds - hospital beds or regular home style beds not for any chairs or seats. If you are looking for an alternating pressure air chair / cushion. You can consider the following models that are the only ones on the market for this purpose.

Qare replacement inflatable pads available separately when the need arises and what is the item NO.
AThe air pressure pad and the pump are sold together.

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Alternating Pressure Pump And Pad

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