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Bath Safety: Shower Chair / Sliding Transfer Bench / Commode Chair

Bath Safety - the No. 1 Concern for Elderly and Handicapped

According to the National Safety Council, slip and fall accident is the No. 2 killer in the US (2nd to auto accidents). About 25,000,000 slip and fall accidents happen each year causing 25,000 victims hospitalized every day and 100,000 permanent disabilities each year.

Once this happens, 65% of all man days are lost due to unexpected slip and falls. As a result, each occurrence will cause 5-10% increase in insurance rates and average camp. and medical cost of $15,000.

Bathroom accidents in bathtub or shower stall is the major concern for elderly and handicapped individuals or patients with reduced body control capabilities. In order to reduce the chance for such accidents to ensure bath safety, a shower chair or bathtub transfer bench or commode chair (commode seat) are commonly used by these people or their caregivers.

Sliding Transfer Bench
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Transfer Bench
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Commode Chair / Seat
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Shower / Commode Wheelchair
From $234, Save up to 34%
Shower Chair / Shower Stool
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Toilet Safety Seat / Frame
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Why do you need a Bathtub Transfer Bench?

A bathtub transfer bench may be helpful to you when you take shower or help another person to take shower, particularly if you or the person you help have difficulty stepping over a bathtub wall or stepping into a standard shower stall. There are a variety of styles of bathtub transfer bench seats: 

  • Some styles of transfer benches are non-sliding, some can slide (most bellow) and some can both slide and swivel (sliding transfer bench with swivel seat). 
  • Some sliding transfer benches are molded with hard surface for easy clean and dry while some are padded with soft seat and back for comfortable seating. 
  • Some sliding transfer benches are designed with center cut-out seat for patient with fecal incontinent to defecate during the time of shower without having to transfer the patient out of the tub.
  • Some sliding transfer benches are designed to mount onto the tub wall in order to save bathroom space.
  • Some sliding transfer benches......(More to learn)
A sliding transfer bench makes shower a lot easier and has become more and more widely used to ensure bath safety due to its apparent advantage over a traditional transfer bench based on user-friendliness. There are several options available and your decision will be based upon the size of the seat and the ease with which you can operate the slide mechanism......(More to learn)
commode chair from uCan Health, sliding transfer bench patented design, shower chair
How to select a Shower Chair / Shower Stool?

Most of the shower chairs on the following list are built of rust-proof materials and featured by worldwide patented "Snap-on" design, which means that they are easy to install and uninstall - a feature saving space and making travel easy. This feature is reflected either in the names of the products or in the feature details. To select an appropriate shower chair / shower stool as a part of bath safety measure, you need to think of the following features:....(More to learn)
commode chair, sliding transfer bench, shower chair

How to select a Commode Chair / Commode Seat?

Commode chair (or commode seat) is commonly used to assist elderly handicapped persons for defecation and urination as a very important bathroom safety (or bath safety) tool.  Among a wide selection of our commode chairs, some of them can be used as a stand alone or bed side utensil; some can be wheeled over a toilet to use; some have multiple functions with commode chair, shower chair and wheelchair (transport chair) in one. To select an appropriate commode chair / commode seat, you need to think of the following features:......(More to learn)
commode chair as a common tool, the widest selection of sliding transfer bench, shower chair

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