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Remodel Bathroom with Less Safety Concerns

According to the National Safety Council, slip and fall accident is the No. 2 killer in the US (2nd to auto accidents). About 25,000,000 slip and fall accidents happen each year causing 25,000 victims hospitalized every day and 100,000 permanent disabilities each year. Once this happens, 65% of all man days are lost due to unexpected slip and falls. Bathroom accidents in bathtub or shower stall is the major concern for elderly and handicapped individuals or patients with reduced body control capabilities.

Accessibility bathroom remodeliing is a booming business opportunity due to aging population. A typical accessibility remodeling project includes furnishing residential bathroom with some of the major bath safety products in order to reduce the chance of slip and fall accidents. Among the common bath safety products, Sliding Shower Bench has become very popular in recent years due to the user-friendly unique design and multi-functionality.

Sliding shower benches / chairs, of different features or specifications, can be used to transfer patient into bathtub or shower stall easily and safely through sliding / swivel by a caregiver or by the patient her(him)self. It can be also used as shower chair or over the toilet commode. So the patient can do multiple things while sitting on the seat. Studies show that this reduces the chance of bathroom accidents significantly. With such a system set up, the patient as well as the facility (family) members can still use regular bathroom fixtures and fittings without the need to switch to expensive special safety bath. This saves thousands of dollars in remodeling material and therefore is a cost-effective safety solution.

In some of the states, safety oriented bathroom remodeliing may be sponsored by the State government. In New Mexico State, for example, the government financially supports remodeling projects including improvement of safety for handicapped and elderly patients using sliding shower chairs / benches. Check with your State authorities for the possibilities and details about this.

Sliding Shower Bench
Shower Bench
Commode Chair / Seat
Shower / Commode Wheelchair
Shower Chair / Shower Stool
Toilet Safety Seat / Frame
Why do you need a Bathtub Shower Bench?

How to select a Shower Chair?

Most of the shower chairs on the following list are built of rust-proof materials and featured by worldwide patented "Snap-on" design, which means that they are easy to install and uninstall - a feature saving space and making travel easy. This feature is reflected either in the names of the products or in the feature details. Some of the shower chairs have back, some have arms and some have both. The heavy duty shower chairs have higher weight capacities. To select an appropriate shower chair, you need to think of the following features:....(More to learn)

How to select a Commode Seat or Commode Chair?
 you can select a shower chair to use, if you have difficulty step in the tub a shower bench makes it easy and safe, a commode chair or you can select a commode seat.

we offer a wide selection of shower chair including chair chair with arms, shower chair with back, shower chair with arms and back, heavy duty shower chair.

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