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Cando Elastic Stretch Strap

Retail Price: $21.00, Our Price: $12.00 (43% off) Printable
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The strap that stretches as you stretch.

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10-1385 Cando Elastic Stretch Strap $21.00 $12.00

FEATURES for Cando Elastic Stretch Strap

  • The Cando elastic stretch strap is the strap that stretches as you stretch.
  • The Cando Dynamic Stretch Strap is made with elastic pockets that allow the user to ease into a stretch.
  • Cando Dynamic Stretch Strap permits dynamic rather than static stretching.
  • The strap is designed for facilitated stretching, an active form of stretching that uses isometric contractions to achieve greater flexibility gains than from static stretching.
  • Reduces the need for a stretching partner.

SPECIFICATIONS for Cando Elastic Stretch Strap

Item Length: 6.3"
Item Width: 2"
Item Height: 0.25"
Shipping Length: 2"
Shipping Width: 6"
Shipping Height: 6"
Shipping Weight: 0.1 lbs.
Shipping Method: STD
Lead Time: 3 days
Country of Origin: China
UPC Code: 714905009500
Warehouse Location: NY

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Cando Elastic Stretch Strap

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