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Heelbo "ER" Restraint

Item No. Description Price Quant
12073 Wrist $267
12076 Ankle $281

Combination of neoprene and nylon provdes comfort for patient and allows for strong, durable restraint.

FEATURES for Heelbo "ER" Restraint

  • Quick release buckle provides easy patient access.
  • Color coded neoprene helps easily identify proper restraint in an emergency.
  • Two straps secure easily to bed frame through double D-rings.
  • Intended for use with ER Ankle(Wrist) Restraint.
  • Rx only.
  • Machine washable.
  • Strap length:16"(wrist) , 9"(ankle)

Chattanooga Artromot Knee CPM

Item No. Description Price Quant
00-2044 K-4 Knee $4,170
00-2043 K-3 Knee $4,057
02-0710 Artromot CPM - Knee Patient Kit For K-3, Fleece, Only $34
02-0711 Artromot CPM - Knee Patient Kit For K-4, Fleece, Only $34

German designed and engineered to provide effective post-operative ROM for the knee and hip joint with minimal adjustments for ease of operation.

FEATURES for Chattanooga Artromot Knee CPM

  • ARTROMOT K4 Knee CPM provides effective post-operative range of motion for the knee and hip joint with minimal adjustments for easy operation.
  • Lifting, transporting and storage are a cinch with the "grab easy" base design.
  • K4 features true anatomical hip axis providing precise knee and hip motion.
  • Handheld programming of device parameters: extension, flexion, pause, force and speed.
  • Four hidden programming features: Warm-up, Patient runtime, Device runtime, Full speed and motion.
  • Wide, deep leg orthosis to accommodate larger patients.
  • Quick conversion from adult to pediatric set-up.
  • Reliable solid-state digital electronics.
  • Wide, stable skid-resistant base.
  • Removable power cord.

SPECIFICATIONS for Chattanooga Artromot Knee CPM

Shipping Method: STD
Lead Time: 1 week
Country of Origin: Germany
UPC Code: 048694020447
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