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Heelbo "ER" Restraint

Item No. Description Price Quant
12073 Wrist $267
12076 Ankle $281

Combination of neoprene and nylon provdes comfort for patient and allows for strong, durable restraint.

FEATURES for Heelbo "ER" Restraint

  • Quick release buckle provides easy patient access.
  • Color coded neoprene helps easily identify proper restraint in an emergency.
  • Two straps secure easily to bed frame through double D-rings.
  • Intended for use with ER Ankle(Wrist) Restraint.
  • Rx only.
  • Machine washable.
  • Strap length:16"(wrist) , 9"(ankle)

U-Bag With Porous Cloth, Single Specimen Style

Item No. Description Price Quant
7521 Non-Sterile, Pediatric $153
7525 Non-Sterile, Newborn $153
7531 Sterile, Pediatric $193
7535 Sterile, Newborn $193

The U-Bag Urine Specimen Collectors are the first choice in convenience, protection and care for an infant's tender skin.

FEATURES for U-Bag With Porous Cloth, Single Specimen Style

  • Transparent butterfly patch makes application easy and accurate.
  • Compatible and comfortable for male and female anatomy.
  • Double chambered construction with no-flow back valve keeps urine away from skin to help prevent irritation.
  • Adhesive patch can be folded in half to send sealed specimen to the lab.
  • Porous cloth adhesive assures a comfortable yet secure fit.

SPECIFICATIONS for U-Bag With Porous Cloth, Single Specimen Style

Unit of Sale:
7521 200 ml 100 each/box
7525 100 ml 100 each/box
7531 200 ml 100 each/box
7535 100 ml 100 each/box

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