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MED-AIRE 8" Alternating Pressure Mattress Overlay With Low Air Loss

Item No. Description Price Quant
14028 Complete System $1,099
14028-Cell Cell For 14028 $89
14028-Cell1 Cell W/ Laser Hole For 14028 $89
14028B Carry Bag $109
14028C Cover For 14028 $129
14028M Mattress For 14028 $529
14028P Pump For 14028 $649

For use in the prevention and treatment of decubitis ulcers, the overlay features 4 air cell pillow function increase patient comfort. This alternating pressure mattress Mattress has 20 air bladders, 9 with laser cut low air loss function to increase patient comfort: helps keep the patient cool and speeds recovery.

FEATURES for MED-AIRE 8" Alternating Pressure Mattress Overlay With Low Air Loss

  • LED indicators provide critical performance data and alert caregiver when pressure falls below 10mmHg.Special vibration isolating features insure that the patient rests easily.
  • The Nylon/TPU cover material is heavy weight, water resistant, vapor permeable, has a fiber quilted bottom and is machine washable to provide protection and comfort. The cover attaches to the mattress with snaps.
  • Easy to replace individual bladders.
  • Spring lined air tubes prevents kinks and disruption of air pressure.
  • Quick fill adapter and carry bag standard.
  • The quiet, high volume pump produces 8 LPM of pressure.
  • 8" cells are constructed with Nylon/50% TPU that is firm and heavy weight.
  • CPR valves provide fast (20 second) release of air from the mattress.
  • Low sheer, quilted machine washable cover.
  • 1 year warranty on pump and mattress.

SPECIFICATIONS for MED-AIRE 8" Alternating Pressure Mattress Overlay With Low Air Loss

The Controller

Power: 110V / 60Hz
Air Volume: 8 LPM
Size: 5" W x 3.3" D x 11" H
Cycle Time: 10 min
Pressure Range: 30 - 80 mmHg
Power Cord: 10 feet
The Mattress

Size (inflated): 80" L x 36" W x 8" H
Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.

AkrosAir Non-Powered Support Surface

Item No. Description Price Quant
303576 Nylon Cover, 76" X 35" X 6" $1,199
303576U Penn-Nyla Cover, 76" X 35" X 6" $1,199
303580 Nylon Cover, 80" X 35" X 6" $1,199
303580U Penn-Nyla Cover, 80" X 35" X 6" $1,199
303584 Nylon Cover, 84" X 35" X 6" $1,199
303584U Penn-Nyla Cover, 84" X 35" X 6" $1,199

The AkrosAir NP Support Surface is a non-powered, self-adjusting support surface that provides superior low-pressure therapy for each patient regardless of size or position. Suitable for the prevention and treatment of all stages of pressure ulcers.

FEATURES for AkrosAir Non-Powered Support Surface

  • AkrosAir NP support surface saves time and money
    • Delivered ready to use; requires no set-up.
    • Simple and convenient to operate - no pumps or power cords.
    • No ongoing energy costs.
    • No caregiver interface.
    • Requires no maintenance;
    • No external air intake to clog or cause valve failure.
  • 500 lb maximum weight capacity.
  • Designed to meet the requirements of HCPCS code: E0373.
  • 5 year, non-prorated warranty.
  • 50% reduction in pressure versus standard mattress.
  • Sloped heel zone reduces heel pressure an additional 25%
  • Two cover options available:
  • Nylon - reduces friction, shear and hammocking; stain and moisture resistant.
  • PennaNyla - All of the above plus - 4 direction stretch reduces shear & hammocking.
  • Urethane coating for added durability.
  • Nylon Cover, 76" x 35" x 6"
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