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Cane, 31"-40", Offset With Wrist Strap

Item No. Description Price Quant
27101 Silver $16
27102 Black $16
27107 Bronze $16

Cane with wrist strap - so it won't get lost.

FEATURES for Cane, 31"-40", Offset With Wrist Strap

  • Attractive color-anodized finished.
  • Quick and easy to adjust.
  • Non-skid rubber tips for safety and durability.
  • Designed to provide support, proper balance and a natural feel.
  • Height adjustment in 1" increments.

SPECIFICATIONS for Cane, 31"-40", Offset With Wrist Strap

Height Adjustment (Floor to hand grip): 31" - 40"
Approx. Patient Height: 4'6" - 6'10"
Handle Style: Offset w/ Strap
Main Shaft: 7/8"
Unit Weight: 0.75 lbs.
Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.

Medline Push Button Crutches

Item No. Description Price Quant
MDS80535HW Adult, 1 Pair / Case $35
MDS80334 Tall, 8 Pairs / Case $172
MDS80335 Adult, 8 Pairs / Case $172
MDS80336 Youth, 8 Pairs / Case $172
MDS80336HW Youth, 1 Pair / Case $22
MDS80534HW Tall, 1 Pair / Case $22

Medline push-button aluminum crutches are one of the strongest crutches on the market. Long, virtually unbreakable stair deflector helps protect against the crutch slipping on stairs. It helps increase stress tolerance at all angles without cracking.

FEATURES for Medline Push Button Crutches

  • Our push-button crutches are lighter than wooden models thanks to their aluminum construction.
  • Double-extruded, center tube provides load-bearing strength where it is needed the most.
  • Special footpiece utilizes durable rivets to secure the aluminum tubing from the inside, providing more stability than plastic connectors.
  • Patented, I-beam, center post limits footpiece rotation to a 1/4 turn, always keeping the push-button in view and facilitating easy adjustment.
  • Non-skid, rubber tips provide good traction. Built-in, metal ring helps prevent excessive wear and ensures maximum durability.
  • Packaged completely accessorized, no assembly required. .


SPECIFICATIONS for Medline Push Button Crutches

Model: MDS80336 MDS80335 MDS80334

Type: Youth Adult Tall
Height Adjustment (Floor to hand grip): 44" - 52" 36" - 44" 52" - 60"
Approx. Patient Height: 4'6" - 5'2" 5'2" - 5'10" 5'10" - 6'6"
Unit Weight: 4.4 lbs. 4.6 lbs. 4.8 lbs.
Weight Capacity: 400 lbs. 400 lb. 400 lbs.
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