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Cast And Bandage Protectors

Item No. Description Price Quant
539-6560-0121 Used For Arm, Small/medium Style, Size:8" X 29" $7
539-6560-0123 Used For Arm, Large Style, Size: 10" X 29" $7
539-6561-0121 Used For Leg, Small Style, Size: 13" X 41" $7
539-6561-0122 Used For Leg, Medium/large Style, Size: 15" X 41" $7

The protector offers durable and waterproof protection for casts, burns, bandages, poison ivy, skin abrasions, stitches and more.

FEATURES for Cast And Bandage Protectors

  • The protectors are waterproof.
  • Convenient and easy to use.
  • Elastic opening and latex strap help ensure a tight seal.
  • Reusable and easy to clean with soap and water,hang to dry.
  • Contains latex.

Male Urinal

Item No. Description Price Quant
541-5075-0000 Male Urinal $12
541-5075-9712 12 / Case $117

Male urinal with cover in individual and bulk packages

FEATURES for Male Urinal

  • This autoclavable male urinal with cover features unique grip handle for ease of use; translucent.
  • Provides visual measurement of contents in ounces or cc's.
  • Offers 1-quart capacity and measures:
    • 10-1/2" H
    • 4" W.
  • Available with different packages:
    • Individual package (541-5075-0000).
    • Bulk package (541-5075-9712).
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