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Plastic Molded Hair Rinser

Item No. Description Price Quant
540-8084-0000 Plastic Molded Hair Rinser $44

This hair rinser makes hair washing easy for those who are restricted to bed.

FEATURES for Plastic Molded Hair Rinser

  • Makes hair washing easy for those who are restricted to bed.
  • Constructed of sturdy vacuum formed plastic.
  • Features comfortable neck rest.

Massaging Foot Spa

Item No. Description Price Quant
542-3630-0000 Massaging Foot Spa $52

Easy to use, one touchpad control for bubbles and heat. Helps to stimulate circulation and revive tired feet.

FEATURES for Massaging Foot Spa

  • Includes a splash guard with massaging nodes and three interchangeable massaging attachments.
  • Two bubble strips create strong bubbling action.
  • Slip-resistant feet for ease and safety of use.
  • Limited one year warranty.
  • Manufactured by Conair® .
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