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Sentry 1200 Alternating Pressure Mattress With Low Air Loss

Item No. Description Price Quant
SYS1200MR-LAL Mattress Replacement System $2,699
SYS1200-LALHG MRS, Hospital Grade $2,969
SYS1200OV-LAL Overlay $2,629
04-SM1200 Sentry 1200 Pump Only $1,599
40-SM42-AC Sentry 1200 Air Cell $69
S1200CV Cover (Extra) $199

This alternating pressure mattress also has low air loss function in the same system. It offers the therapeutic results and features you would expect in far more expensive systems. The microprocessor allows caregivers to visually monitor the actual pressures in the inflated and deflated air cells

FEATURES for Sentry 1200 Alternating Pressure Mattress With Low Air Loss

The SENTRY 1200 LA (Low Air Loss) Mattress system consists of 20 air cells that, when in the alternating mode, alternately inflate and deflate every five minutes.

The alternating pressure relief combined with low air loss reduces tissue interface while stimulating peripheral circulation. Encasing each mattress system is a moisture-proof, vapor permeable coverlet which allows for breathability and comfort while preventing shear and friction.

  • Alternating pressure relief.
  • Low Air Loss (option on Sentry 1200 LA).
  • Customized settings based on a patient's weight.
  • Visual displays of actual delivered pressure.
  • Internal sensors automatically readjust air pressure.
  • Retains air in case of power failure.
  • Air flotation mode.
  • Maximum inflate/firm mode.
  • Controller can also operate SenTech AIR CHAIRS.
  • Three models available:
    • MRS: Mattress replacement system - no need for a separate mattress.
    • MRS Hospital Grade: Designed for facilities with sealed medical grade vinyl shell (for maximum infection control) and hospital grade CPR quick release.
    • Overlay: Needs a separate mattress (regular innerspring or foam) underneath.
  • Warranty:
    • 2 years on compressor.
    • 1 year on electronics.
    • 1 years on softgoods.

SPECIFICATIONS for Sentry 1200 Alternating Pressure Mattress With Low Air Loss

The Controller

Power: 110V/60Hz, 0.25 Amps
Weight: 6 lbs.
Size: 8" W x 3-1/2" D x 7-1/2" H
The Low Air Loss Mattress

Size: 80" x 36" x 5-1/4" inflated
Air Cells: 20
Weight Capacity: 350 lbs.

Thera-Turn Millennium Lateral Rotation And Low Air Loss Mattress System

Item No. Description Price Quant
SYS-MIL-TTL Standard 36" Wide $5,599
SYS-MIL-TMP Bariatric 48" Wide $8,299
24-SM-MILLTT-R Replacement Pump For 36" Standard Model SYS-MIL-TTL $3,999
54A34LAL-TM Mattress Cover For Thera-Turn Standard Mattress $469

The Thera Turn Millennium is the ultimate in rotational therapy featuring lateral rotation for pulmonary patients and secondary fro wound healing and prevention. It allows to isolate the patients left and right side on both the angle and time of turn.

FEATURES for Thera-Turn Millennium Lateral Rotation And Low Air Loss Mattress System

  • Incorporating low air loss therapy, state of the art digital and sensor technology, the Thera-Turn Millennium provides superior rotation along with unmatched patient comfort and unparalleled flexibility. 
  • The system features low air loss with patented Microvent technology that sends a controlled gentle airflow directly to the patient's skin.
  • The patented cover is machine washable and breathable, yet provides a barrier to moisture and microbe transmission.
  • Lateral Rotation: automatically turns patients up to 40o to reduce the risk of pulmonary and other serious medical complications associated with immobility. Both angle of turn and turning frequency can be independently programmed on each side.
    • Angle of Turn: caregivers can select form their choice of four pre-programmed turning angles - Off, Gentle, Moderate and Full.
    • Frequency of Turns: desired turning duration can be set from 4 to 90 min.
  • Hold Position: automatic turn cycle can be halted and the patient held in a left, right or center position for nursing intervention.
    • Choice of Positions: patient can be held in either the left, right or center position.
    • Angle of Hold: caregivers can select from their choice of Gentle, Moderate or Maximum angle of hold.
    • Comfort Level: while patient is in the center position, caregivers can adjust the comfort level for optimal patient comfort.
  • Easy Maintenance: the system provides continuous feedback to help you maintain your system in optional condition and provide you with many years of worry-free operation.
  • State of the Art Features: easy touch pad, panel lockout for security, remains inflated during power failure, internal memory, firm mode.
  • Easy to Install on any standard hospital bed. The 8 vertical air cells are individually zippered in place to maintain correct positioning and to simplify replacement. 

SPECIFICATIONS for Thera-Turn Millennium Lateral Rotation And Low Air Loss Mattress System

The Controller

Power: 120V / 60Hz, <1.0A
Weight: 21 lbs.
Size: 14.5" W x 6" D x 12.1" H
Turn Frequency: 4-90 min (left/right)
Turn Frequency: 0-90 min (center)
The Mattress

Width (inflated): 36" W (Standard)
Width (inflated): 48" W (Bariatric)
Length x Thickness (Inflated): 80" L x 12" H
Weight: 24 lbs.
Patient Weight Range: 80 - 300 lbs. (Standard)
Patient Weight Range: up to 750 lbs. (Bariatric)
Patient Height Range: 50" - 75"
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