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Lifting Aids / Standing Aids - Assist in Standing

Standing up / sitting down is a living activity that we perform on daily, hourly or even minutely basis. As a normal health person, we may not feel how important it is to be able to perform this simple activity in our daily life. For the elderly persons or patients with decreased body control capabilities, however, such basic activity may be challenging and sometimes impossible. They need special tools that lift, raise or transfer to help them stand up / sit down, change positions or even perform other physical activities.

uCan Health provides a wide variety of high quality, user-friendly and unique lifting aids / standing aids or standing assist to meet different needs and make lives easier for the elderly, disabled / handicapped persons who are suffering without the right tools.

  • Lifting / Standing Cushions: converting a regular chair to a lift chair conveniently and economically. The lifting functions are performed mechanically or electrically so to lift certain percentage up to 100% of the body weight. Such lifting aids (standing aids) are compact, portable, lightweight and easy to use, and has been one of the most commonly used tool for the elderly who can still stand and walk some how.

  • Standing Trapeze: compared to regular trapeze bar that is mounted to bed head board, standing trapeze is mounted on a free stand. Patients can pull the trapeze to stand up. Such a standing assist is used mostly by patients with injured legs and strong enough arms. Bariatric models are also used by bariatric persons.

  • Patient Lifting System: also called patient lift or patient lifter, such a tool lifts and transfers handicapped patients (who lose mobility) between bed, chairs, toilet and others.
lifting cushion, standing cushion
Lifting Cushion / Standing Cushion
standing trapeze
Standing Trapeze
patient lifting system
Patient Lifting System
  • Lifting Commode Chair: designed to enhance bathroom safety and patient comfort, such lifting aids / standing aids play similar functions as lifting / standing cushions over toilet - standing up and sitting down.

  • Lifting / Standing (Power) Wheelchair: also called standing wheelchair, standing chair or lifting wheelchair, such a product is a must for patients who lose standing capability and mobility completely, such as those with spinal injury.

  • Lift Recliner Chair: driven by electric power, such a standing assist provides maximum comfort to elderly or disabled persons. The stylish designs make such products fit home environment well with wide selections from junior petite to extra wide to bariatric models, different designs of backs, armrests, reclining positions, colors, fabrics... to meet different needs.
lifting commode chair
Lifting Commode Chair
standing wheelchair
Standing Wheelchair
recliner lifting chair
Recliner Lifting Chair
  • Stand Assist: a transport assistance unit that keeps the resident actively engaged in the transport process. The Stand Assist is a convenient toileting alternative to a wheelchair. Transport functions of all kinds are quick, convenient, and require minimal caregiver assistance. Users grasp the middle bar and use their own strength to pull themselves up into position.

  • Bath Lifter: a bathroom safety device that makes getting in and out of the bathtub safe, simple and worry free. Slip and fall accident is the No. 2 killer in the US. Bathroom accidents in bathtub or shower stall is the major concern for elderly or bariatric persons and patients with reduced body control capabilities. Bath lifter can help minimize the risk.

  • Bedside Helper: as bedside device and accessory, it helps patient to stand up or keep in standing position when getting out of the bed.
stand assists
Stand Assist
Bath Lifter
Bath Lifter
Bedside Helper
Bedside Helper

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