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ProSun Select 20 Plus Tanning Bed

ProSun Select 20 Plus Tanning Bed $2,499.99 Local or Online Store

Item Number: 153560

Price: $2,499.99

This Select 20 Plus is for people who desire a high-end residential tanning bed with a commercial design. It has a wide tanning surface with a flat acrylic that comes up at 45% angles on the side.

This design enhances your tanning result by wrapping the light around your body. Features 20 tanning lamps, 14 of which are integrated facial and arm tanners.

What separates this bed from others is the four arm tanning lamps in the bench. With these bronzing lamps in the bench, you will achieve a golden, luxurious tan from head to toe and side-to-side.

Ultraviolet light from tanning lamps helps your body process Vitamin D. It improves bone density in addition to being a doctor recommended treatment for psoriasis, eczema, and acne.

Enjoy looking and being healthy with the ProSun Select 20 Plus home tanning bed. Color: White Intended use: For residential use only Lightweight, durable tubular steel frame Lamp life: 1,000 hrs.

or approx. 3,000 tanning sessions Exposure time: 5 - 30 minutes Automatic shut off switch for added safety Optimum reflector system Easy maintenance: Acrylics may be cleaned w/any type of plastic cleaner (Do Not use alcohol or ammonia based products) Includes: Goggles, head pad instruction manual w/tanning/exposure guide for first time users Minor assembly required: Arrives 95% assembled; takes approx.

15-20 min. to assemble (hardware tools included) Power: Requires 120V or household current Dimensions: 79" L x 35" W Weight: 335 lbs.

2-year manufacturer's warranty covers frame, coverplate all electrical components including timer ballasts Lifetime warranty on frame Model: Select 20 Plus Customer Service: Call 1-800-874-2776for questions on materials, workmanship, warranty, replacement parts, installation advice or assistance

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