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Bring More Customers to Your Local Business

Are you a professional or a business owner providing services related to health, beauty, fitness...? You may know that there are many other providers in your local area competing for the same group of customers with the same or similar services.

Internet is a powerful tool for consumers to find information about the right products / services needed. It is estimated that over 65% of today's shoppers at all ages in the US do research online before start shopping either locally or online (when no local information is available). Your potential customers could be among them.

ULPN helps tens of thousands of consumers each day to find related products or services by local suppliers or providers through their PCs, tablets, smartphone or other mobile devices.

By listing your business and services with ULPN, it costs nothing or less to reach potential local customers, whom your business is targeting, just miles away, who may otherwise never know your facility offers what they want.

You can also offer coupons or discount membership to attract potential local consumers.

Offer More Value to Your Customers

As a member of ULPN, you have your own portable / mobile e-shop so you can make more profit or help your customers save on tens of thousands of health care and fitness products, at no merchandising cost to you.

Getting listed is easy. Just follow the 3 steps below: 


Sign in your account.
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Tell us about your facility and services.
Provide information of your local facility - name, address, contact information, website... and describe your services and your background.


Wait for local customers to find you.
Customers near your facility looking for specific services may be directed to your website for more information or schedule a tour to your facility or an interview with you.

ULPN partners with local providers by sharing resources and generating more business together. Sign up a merchant account now.

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