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Luminator Gait Trainer

Retail Price: $742.00, Our Price: $618.00 (17% off) Printable
Luminator Gait Trainer
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Provides adjustable depth and alternate handgrip position, posterior models only.

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Item No. Description Was Now Quant
LT2000 Adult Luminator Anterior Gait Trainer$742.00 $618.00
LT2100 Pediatric Luminator Anterior Gait Trainer$742.00 $618.00
LT3000 Adult Luminator Posterior Gait Trainer$742.00 $618.00
LT3100 Pediatric Luminator Posterior Gait Trainer$742.00 $618.00
CE1035 Set Of Adjustable Forearm Platforms, 1pr/bx$249.00 $207.00
CE1035S Set Of Mounting Brackets For Forearm Platform, 1pr/bx$71.00 $59.00
CE1060 Set Of Ankle Prompts, 1pr/bx$156.00 $130.00
CE1080L Trunk Support For Adult Anterior & Posterior Gait Trainers$295.00 $246.00
CE1080S Trunk Support For Pediatric & Tyke Anterior & Posterior Gate Trainers$247.00 $206.00
CE1260 Set Of Extended Uprights For The LT 3100, LT 3200, LT 2100 And LT 2200, 1pr/bx$82.00 $68.00
CE1270 Set Of Extended Uprights For The LT 3000 And LT 2000, 1pr/bx$82.00 $68.00
LT2200 Tyke Luminator Anterior Gait Trainer$742.00 $618.00
LT3200 Tyke Luminator Posterior Gait Trainer$742.00 $618.00

FEATURES for Luminator Gait Trainer

  • Seat Harness - supports patients who cannot stand completely on their own.
  • Pelvic Stabilizer - supports and stabilizes the pelvis.
  • Positioning Bar - provides adjustable depth.
  • Vertical Handgrips - provides alternate handgrip position, posterior models only.
  • Variable Resistance Tabs - controls the speed of the gait trainer and aligns an asymmetrical gait pattern.
  • One-Directional Rear Wheels - allows only forward mobility, posterior models only.
  • Swivel Wheel Locking Bracket - provides option to lock swivel wheels.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on the frame.

SPECIFICATIONS for Luminator Gait Trainer

ITEM# LT 3000 LT 3100 LT 3200 LT 2000 LT 2100 LT 2200

ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT 29"-36" 22"-28" 17"-20" 29"-36" 22" - 28" 17" - 20"
INSIDE WIDTH BETWEEN HANDLEBAR 21.5" 16" 14.5" 21.5" 16" 14.5"
WIDTH 26.5" 23.5" 22" 26.5" 23.5" 22"

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Was: $742.00
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Luminator Gait Trainer

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