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Medical Recliners and Reclining Lift Chairs

Chairs with reclining backs have been popular for more than one hundred years. Typical chairs of this type normally used a pivotal connection of the back support to an immovable part of the chair to allow for selective movement of the back support at an angle relative to the rest of the chair. A medical recliner is a chair with reclining function that assists patients or elderly person to lie back or down and cause to assume a leaning or prone position with less effort. Compared to regular recliners, medical recliners are usually used in both home or clinical environments. In a broad sense, medical recliners include a variety of chairs or wheelchairs or wheeled chairs with reclining function that maximizes the ease and comfort in patient care.
  • Reclining Wheelchair: also called recliner wheelchair or recline wheelchair, is a standard wheelchair with extended back rest that can recline back down to or close to flat level (180 degrees). Such a wheelchair is usually equipped with elevating leg rests so the chair can be converted to a bed for rest.
  • Clinical Recliner: usually used in clinics such as dialysis center, such a chair with wheels or casters facilitates patient acute care or treatment, such as infusion, while keeping the patient in a relaxed comfortable position.
  • Reclining Lift Chair: also called lift chair or lift recliner, such a chair is designed and built as bath a patient care equipment and a stylish home furniture. At uCan Health, a wide selection is available from junior petite to extra wide to bariatric models, different designs of backs, armrests, reclining positions, colors, fabrics... to meet different needs.
lifting commode chair
Reclining Wheelchair
standing wheelchair
Clinical Recliner
recliner lifting chair
Lift Recliner Chair

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