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Mobility Aids / Walking Aids

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 mobility aids: this is to help you learn how to select a walking aids

How to Select Mobility Aids?

(Educational Purpose Only. Please consult with your physicians to decide the type of mobility aids appropriate for you)
This person may have:
  • weakness or stiffness in the legs.
  • mild stroke
  • recent hip fracture

In sitting:
can reach down to pick up objects from the floor without falling.

In standing:
able to stand independently without holding onto walking aids or furniture.

able to walk independently with or without walking aids.

Daily activities:
can eat, dress, groom, dress, shower and toilet him/ herself. He/she may be using assistive devices (e.g. long handle brush) for certain tasks.

This person may have:
  • old hip fracture.
  • moderately severe stroke.
  • moderately severe Parkinson's Disease.
  • above the knee amputation of one leg

In sitting:
has satisfactory sitting balance, i.e. with one hand holding on for support, is able to pick up objects from the floor.

In standing:
able to stand only if there is something to hold onto.

needs a walking aids or a helper to walk.

Daily activities:
able to stand and transfer to a bed-side commode chair, needs standby supervision or help for feeding, grooming, dressing, showering and toileting.

Mobility aids:
  • a walker or rollator for recent hip fracture for first few weeks then progress onto a quad or single stick (cane).
  • probably a quad stick or single stick to aid stability.
Mobility aids:
  • a rollator or walker if both hands are functional.
  • a quad stick (cane) for person with stroke.
  • may need assistance as well as the walking aids.
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we offer walking aids for example wheelchair type of mobility aids at low prices. To select the right mobility aids you need to consult with your physician. The above guideline for mobility aids selection is educational purpose only and may be help for you to select the right mobility aids. For detailed information about our mobility aids products or walking aids products, please contact us. Our mobility aids specialists will be very happy to assist you.

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