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Patient Room & Homecare Bed Side Equipment

Whether you are adding patient room equipment to or setting up a new homecare situation, a hospital bed is the central piece of the environment. Hospital beds come in three variations, with beds ranging from basic and economical to more advanced models. The bed frame, mattress or bed side rails can be purchased separately or together as a package:

Hospital Bed Frame - This is the first choice in a three major components. You can select semi-electric or full electric, regular or bariatric, homecare or long term care models.

Mattresses - No hospital bed is complete without a mattress. Options include standard inner spring homecare model, foam mattress, alternating pressure pad, all the way up to luxury alternating pressure mattress and low air loss mattress for pressure relief. Factors in this decision would be the length, width and thickness of need for the hospital bed, daily duration of time spent in the bed, the needs of the patient and the status of the patient.

Accessories - Hospital bed accessories help complete your homecare environment, making it more comfortable and functional. A pair of bed side rails protect patient from falling and make the homecare environment safe and comfortable. This can be full- or half- bed side rails. The later can be head side or foot side. An overbed table facilitates reading or having meal or snacks on bed; A trapeze bar assist with transfers, standing or exercises. A patient lift is an integral part of the home care setting. It makes patient transfers and daily activities easier and minimizes the chance of injury both to the caregiver and to the patient.

hospital bed
Hospital Bed
From $580, Save up to 50%
foam mattress
Foam Mattress
From $239, Save up to 38%
alternating pressure pad
Alternating Pressure Pad
From $105, Save up to 37%
alternating pressure mattress
Alternating Pressure Mattress
From $779, Save up to 75%
hospital bed mattress
 Nursing / Homecare Mattress
From $150, Save 30%
overbed table and over bed table
Overbed Table
From $98, Save up to 40%
trapeze bars
Trapeze Bar
From $145, Save up to 35%
patient lift
Patient Lift
From $599, Save up to 57%
bed rails
Full / Half Bed side Rails
From $86, Save up to 45%

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