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Positioning Standers for Better Positioing

Positioning standers provide better positioning, thus allowing children to function at a higher level. Stabilizing the pelvis and trunk can allow for more arm movement. Sitting at peer level allows children the opportunity to participate at eye level with peers, promoting confidence and involving them more in activities. The benefits of positioning stander go well beyond just the physical support provided. Related products:
Marvel Vertical Stander
16% off$1,190.00

Marvel Vertical Stander

Simple and effective, the Marvel vertical stander provides vertical alignment and upright support. It is easy to ...
Marvel Mobile Free Stander
31% off$1,666.00

Marvel Mobile Free Stander

The Marvel free stander provides vertical alignment and upright support.
Out / Stander Multi-Positioning Stander
26% off$1,750.00

Out / Stander Multi-positioning Stander

The Multi-positioning stander offers a choice of full body posterior and anterior supports and; therefore, ...
Outstander Multi-Positioning Stander
31% off$2,450.00

Outstander Multi-positioning Stander

The Outstander meets a variety of positioning needs: prone, supine vertical and horizontal.
HUGS Stationary Vertical Stander
14% off$2,335.00

HUGS Stationary Vertical Stander

Durable, functional stander has 4 adjustable points of support: chest, pelvis, knee and foot.
TUGS Prone Mobile Stander
14% off$2,601.00

TUGS Prone Mobile Stander

The prone mobile stander provides benefits of standing with convenient mobility.
TUGS Prone Stander
14% off$3,346.00

TUGS Prone Stander

Available in Supine and Prone model.
14% off$3,843.00


For prone, supine and vertical standing.

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