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Extension Scooters / Scooter Board / Ready Racer

Child friendly padded scooter board (that helps develop children's neuromotor control as they propel themselves in any direction).

Ready Racer (a pre-wheelchair, pediatric mobility aid that combines high-performance wheelchair handling with sports-car styling recommended for children ages 18 months to five years).

Extension scooter (that develops sensory motor skills as well as provides fun and mobility for the special needs child).

Round Scooter | TumbleForms, 24 Inch
14% off$403.00

Round Scooter | TumbleForms, 24 Inch

Round board has padded non-slip top with 2 hand loops for security and to ...
Jettmobile Extension Scooter
14% off$917.00

Jettmobile Extension Scooter

Includes abductor, chest positioner, 2 half-moon shapes and positioning strap.
Ready Racer
14% off$1,064.00

Ready Racer

Pre-wheelchair mobility aid for children 18 months to 5 years old.

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