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Where Can I Get Extra Wide Hospital Beds - Full, Queen or King Sizes?

  • I am trying to find a full size or queen size hospital bed for my wife and my self. Most of the hospital beds on the market are pretty narrow. How can I find an extra wide model?

    • Based on the width, hospital beds are usually categorized as regular or bariatric, but not Twin, Full, Queen or King sizes. This may be the industrial standard for hospital bed for long term care or home care. It is different from regular home style beds in this regards.

    • Regular hospital beds all have the same width of about 36" for the sleeping surface similar to Twin size (but not called this way).

    • If you want a model with wider surface than this, you will need to consider a bariatric model that can be 42", 48", 54" similar to Full size or 60" similar to Queen size with weight capacities of 600 lbs, 750 lbs, 800 lbs or up to 1000 lbs.

      54" Full size bariatric hospital beds and packages
    • There may not be a hospital bed with similar size to King size that is 72" width available on the market. Two of the 36" regular model put side by side will add up to a "King size". Some one who need King size hospital bed handle the situation this way.

  • I am not so heavy (just 180 lbs). Can I have just the wider width not the higher weight capacity?

    • No. A regular size hospital bed is designed for a single person with regular body weight. A wider bed provides the space for more than one person to sleep on. It is usually prohibited and may compromise the functionality of the bed to make wider bed with single bed weight capacity. Therefore, with wider space provided, a hospital bed must hold higher weight load that makes it a bariatric hospital bed.

  • Why are extra wide hospital beds so much more expensive than standard size ones?

    • Extra wide beds are much larger and stronger than standard size hospital beds. They are designed differently, and are built of heavy duty motors and materials to support the capacity under electric operation which make the cost significantly higher than regular beds.

    • The vast majority of hospital beds sold on the market (nearly 99%) are standard size. It is possible for the cost to go down through mass production. But for extra wide hospital beds, it is unlikely to cut down the cost due to the low volume of demand.

    • uCan Health partners closely with manufacturers and shipping carriers while focusing on the niche market to meet the unmet needs. We sold more extra wide beds than most of other vendors on the market. So we can provide you with highest quality / capacity and lowest costs for extra wide hospital beds.

  • Then what options do I have for regular hospital bed?

    • You can have a Homecare Bed or a Home care hospital bed that is usually used in a homecare environment, or Long Term Care Hospital Bed that can be used in home or long term care (nursing home, assisted living, daycare, etc.) environments. The two of them are different in designs and durability.

    • You can have a manual, semi-electric or full-electric model.

    • You can have different lengths - 76", 80" or 84".

    • You can also have luxury adjustable bed that is more like regular home style rather than hospital bed. For this category, you can select Twin, Full, Queen or King sizes with more luxury mattresses. But most of such models can not adjust bed height.

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