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Discussion About: PrimaryCare Pressure Relief Mattress

PrimaryCare Pressure Relief Mattress
would like to know what kind of pressure sores this bed would be for. My son is on a kci first step air bed and I would like to get one thats compared to that. Do you think this is the bed that would be compared to that. My son has about a stage 2 and i would like to prevent him from getting any worse. We cant get it covered by medicaid so we need to pay cash. Hoping that we wont have to spend more that 2,000.00
This mattress model PrimaryCare is for bed sores of up to stage II. But it the bed sores progress to over stage II, this mattress may not be so effective. You can consider the following models that can deal with up to stage III.
The PrimaryCare Pressure Relief Mattresses deliver quality pressure wound treatment with a prospective price. Using leading-edge technology and materials, the PrimaryCare is engineered to insure quiet, reliable operation that won't fail you or your patient for prevent and heal early stage pressure sores. Shipping is free. Learn more about the PrimaryCare Pressure Relief Mattress


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