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Discussion About: Breez Power Wheelchair Rear Controlled with Electric Controller on Back Handle

Breez Power Wheelchair Rear Controlled with Electric Controller on Back Handle
My name is Boyce Littlefield and I have a patient that has a TBI and CVA. The pt can not control a standard powerchair safely due to brain injury and the family could benefit from the rear control powerchair. Is there anyway that Medicare would cover this type of chair I appreciate any information that you could help me with. Thank You.
The item is not covered by medicare as indicated on our website. All customers paid by themselves.
Electric Power Wheelchair with Rear Controller on Back Handle can be controlled and driven from behind. It is designed to maximize caregiver and patient comfort and safety. The Breez is ideal for hospitals, hospice care, emergency clinics, out-patient clinics, and skilled nursing and extended living facilities. The Breez is also perfect for use in airports, railway stations and other mass transit facilities.

The Breez is perfect for transporting patients and / or mobility impaired individuals safely and comfortably, without the normal exertion associated with manual wheel chairs. With its dependable drive system and easy-to-operate rear controls, the Breez can easily transport a person up to 750 lbs. with a simple pull of the finger on the control lever.

Safety features like automotive- style seat and lap belt, anti- rollback, anti-tip and emergency stop button make this chair a safer alternative to manual transport. With ample storage space for personal belongings, IV pole and optional oxygen bottle holder, the Breez is perfect for admitting and discharging patients. Capable of traveling up to 22 miles on a single charge, the Breez comes equipped with ample storage space for personal belongings, a garment bag pole, flip-up armrests and swing-away style footrests making it the ideal transport chair no airline or airport should be without.

  • Safe Patient Transfer
    • Folding and removable armrests and swing out footrests provide easy side or front loading of patient.
    • Rear locking casters and front holding brake prevent movement of chair during loading.
  • Safe Patient Transport
    • Small footprint allows tight turning radius to easily navigate hallways and into elevators.
    • User friendly controls.
    • Programmable upper speed limit and infinite forward / reverse speed control.
    • Seat belt or optional shoulder harness configurations.
    • Standard IV pole and optional articulating-arm IV pump / pole arm to increase safety and eliminate need from second caregiver during transfer.
    • Warning horn.
    • 1.8 cubic feet of cargo space for belongings or medical gear.
    • Belly bump stop for attendant safety.
  • Maintenance Free Operation
    • Sealed maintenance free batteries with advanced solid state charging system.
    • Non-marking, maintenance-free tires.
    • Direct drive, regenerative PWM control, provides smooth and quiet operation.
    • 200+ trained service technicians across North America should service ever be required.
  • The Breez Electric Power Wheelchair with Rear Controller on Back Handle is equipped with a transaxle drive that can be controlled from behind and a heavy-duty steel frame.
  • This model features a dependable solid-state electronic module and 24-volt power system using maintenance-free AGM batteries and an on-board CSA/UL certified charger.
  • Standard features:
    • stainless steel IV/garment bag pole,
    • non-marking tires,
    • in-motion alarm with volume control,
    • dynamic regenerating braking system,
    • easy-to-use fingertip controls on the back handle.
  • Anti-tips and Anti-Rollback Sensor.
  • Emergency Stop Button.
  • Automatic Dynamic Braking and Parking Brake.
  • Solid State Battery Charger with Auto Test and Shut Off.
  • Maximum Speed Dial.
  • Flip-up, Adjustable Width Armrests.
  • Swing Away Footrests.
  • Battery Condition and "Power On" Light LED.
  • Solid State Modular Control System with Heavy Duty 24-Volt Electrical System.
  • Non-Marking "Maintenance- Free" 8" Tires.
  • Options:
    • Additional (second) stainless steel IV / garment bag pole.
    • Oxygen tank holder (D and E style cylinders).
    • Elevating footrests with calf support.
    • Yellow safety warning light kit.
    • Bariatric Seat: 30" W x 22" D x 20" H.
    • Chair to IV pole clamping system.
  • Warranty against defects in manufacturing, materials, or workmansh:
    • Frame Weldment and Drive System (motor / transaxle): five (5) years
    • Other parts: one (1) year

Drive Type: Sealed Transaxel
Frame Length: 27"
Overall Length: 50"
Overall Width: 26"
Height: 42.5"
Tires: 8" Solid Rubber, Non-Marking
Speed: 0-2 MPH
Max. Weight Rider: 750 lbs.
Max. Weight Cargo: 100 lbs.
Battery Charge: 22 Miles Between Charges
Overall Weight: 226 lbs.
Seat Width: 26"
Seat Depth: 18"
Seat Depth: 20"
Incline Rating: 9o

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