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Two-Way Reclining Lift Chair - Encounter

Retail Price: $1,049.00, Our Price: $839.00 (20% off) Printable
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The #1175 series is a new 2-way reclining lift chair that features a 2 heat & vib as a standard feature, and also is designed with a 325 lb. weight capacity. There is a two-year warranty on all components. This model features a more contemporary look with a waterfall backrest. This chair could accommodate a person ranging from 5'2" to 6'2" tall. Battery back-up is not available with 2 Vib/Heat at this time). Usually ships in 24 to 48 hours

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* Medicare coverage: No
* Availability: Yes

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FEATURES for Two-Way Reclining Lift Chair - Encounter

The foundation of the chair is the lift base. After testing all the lift bases on the market today, we have determined that the Super Sagless lift base (made in the USA) is the best available. While more expensive, it will withstand constant use and abuse that a lift chair must endure. A lift base must be as wide as the base of the chair, and the Super Sagless base we use is the most stable base in the upright lifted position that is available in the marketplace today.

Acella-Flex foam, which was developed by Leggett & Platt is the only foam we use. It offers the closest thing to a "perfect seating configuration" that is available in the industry. Acella-Flex basically pushes back 1 pound for every pound of weight that is exerted on it. This characteristic makes the chairs basically, sit the same for a 90 lb. person as for a 300 lb. person. This foam will keep 99.9% of its original shape and size, whereas, most conventional foam will shrink 10 - 15% in size over the first few years.

The back springs are 12 gauge, and are also tied together with special tie wire for more comfort and endurance. To ensure that the seat springs do not cut into the bottom of the seat foam, we use a nova bond pad. The fiber used in the backs is a dustless, odorless, non-allergenic, conjugated fiber, which is the best we can find in the industry. This feature makes the backs retain their original shape, while also offering greater comfort.

All bolts used are Grade 5 (Medlift is the only lift chair mfr. using this grade of bolt). All bolts go entirely through the wood; no lag screws are used to secure the mechanism. The mechanism is secured by special locking T-Nuts to ensure that the mechanism stays tight throughout the lifetime of the chair. All critical connection points for the reclining hardware, etc., have a double locking nut of the highest aircraft grade quality. All wood screws used are the strongest available. Corner blocks are used throughout the chair at all critical points for added strength. An extra rail is used across the top of the seat back to ensure that the back stays straight and square. All seat springs used are 9 gauge Morley system no-sag springs that are tied together with tie wire to make every spring work together as a seat unit. Seat spring are correctly spaced on the spring rails by a special clip rail machine. The front seat rail on the frame is larger and thicker than most competitors' products, which makes the seat much stronger and durable. There is also a retainer rail secured by steel brads on top of the seat springs to ensure that they do not loosen.

We also use a special break-in process before the foam is ever cut to make the foam feel good from the first use on. As an added benefit to this foam, we also glue a layer of super soft on top of the Acella-Flex which gives a very nice feel to the seat, while allowing all the benefits of the Acella-Flex base for strength and long life. This feature also makes the seat foam pressure-reducing.

We have independent labs test our fabric, foam, and fibers once a year to ensure that they meet correct specifications. We cannot attach the UFAC tag tag or purchase the tags if our components do not pass this testing.

We also make sure that before any upholstery is placed on the frame, that no fabric comes in direct contact with wood. The wood frame that might come in contact with fabric is surrounded by an extra layer of foam or micro-foam to ensure a long fabric life. This extra padding makes the arms, arm fronts, backs, etc. feel softer and more plush.

  • This chair is only available in the Encounter fabrics or Dawson Vinyl.
  • Magazine pocket on lower outer right-hand side of chair.
  • The frame of the chair is all kiln-dried hardwood; and all stress points are kiln-dried oak.
  • All joints are glued and connected with steel fasteners.
  • Uni-construction of seat-back assembly is independently lab-tested for strength and durability.
  • Gang nails are used at all other critical joints or stress points.
  • This chair features a low volt quiet motor.
  • Battery back-up is a standard feature.
  • All fabrics used on any Med-Lift chair meets both CAL 117 and UFAC requirements for flammability.
  • This model is "married" to the Encounter fabrics, and the Dawson Vinyl only.
  • The following options are available at an additional charge:
    • Moveable Infrared Heat;
    • Extra Magazine Pocket;
    • Armrest & Headrest Covers;
    • Snap-on Pillow.
    • Also available at an additional charge are Level 5 fabric upgrade (Crypton Bella; Crypton Suede);
  • Construction Material:
    • Level 6 - Ultra.
    • Fiber - 5%;
    • Foam - 10%;
    • Fabric - 10%;
    • Steel - 30%;
    • Fasteners & miscellaneous - 5%

SPECIFICATIONS for Two-Way Reclining Lift Chair - Encounter

Weight Capacity: 325 lbs.
Collection: 1100 Series
Battery Back Up: Yes
Overall Width: 31.5"
Overall Height: 41.5"
Overall Depth: 41" - 60"
Reclined length from back of seat to end of footrest: 37"
Seat Height from the floor: 19"
Seat Depth: 19.5"
Backrest Height from top of the seat: 25"
Footrest Height from the floor when reclined:  19"

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Two-Way Reclining Lift Chair - Encounter

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