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WhisperLite II Electric Hospital Bed

Retail Price: $2,629.00, Our Price: $863.00 (67% off) Printable
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Revolutionary single-motor design hospital bed in a full-electric version. Designed to be one of the lightest beds on the market with foot section weighing only 53 pounds! Easy to install, uninstall and use. Shipping is free.

This item was discontinued and replaced with Patriot Homecare Bed

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Item No. Description Was Now Quant
WL0458 Bed Frame Only$2,629.00 $863.00
WL0458-220 Bed Frame Only (220V)$2,833.00 $889.00
WL0458-IFPKG W/ Full Rails, Reversible Combination Innerspring Mattress With 3/4" Convoluted Foam Sleep Surface$2,979.00 $989.00
WL0458-IFPKGHLF W/ Half Rails, Reversible Combination Innerspring Mattress With 3/4" Convoluted Foam Sleep Surface$2,979.00 $989.00
WL0458-PKG W/ Mattress & Full Rails$3,543.00 $986.00
WL0458-PKGCA W/ CA #603 Mattress & Full Rails$3,588.00 $986.00
WL0458-PKGHLF W/ Mattress & Half Rails$3,586.00 $982.00
WL0458-PKGHLFCA W/ CA #603 Mattress & Half Rails$3,586.00 $986.00
690-2001-415 Replacement Motor For WL0408  $259.00
690-3001-415 Replacement Motor For WL0458  $259.00

FEATURES for WhisperLite II Electric Hospital Bed

  • This hospital bed (larger image) offers the same features as the WhisperLite II Semi-Electric Hospital Bed with the additional feature of electric height adjustment.
  • This makes it easier for caregivers to raise and lower the bed for patient care and linen changes.
  • Total assembled bed weighs only 161 pounds (bed and motor).
  • Maximum patient weight 350 lbs.
  • 450 lb evenly distributed total weight capacity including patient, mattress, rails, and accessories.
  • Bed head range:  60 degrees, knee range:  30 degrees.
  • The electric height adjustment also enables the patient to easily position the bed for maximum comfort.
  • The WhisperLite II Full-Electric Hospital Bed is easier to deliver and move than any other full electric bed on the market.
  • Powerful DC motor for effortless height adjustment.
  • Motor comes pre-installed on foot section for easy set-up and disassembly.
  • All functions fully-integrated into convenient handheld pendant.
  • Welded motor-guard protects motor and universal joint from damage during shipment and deliveries.
  • Designed to meet the requirements of applicable HCPCS codes.
  • UL 73 and CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 68-92 approved.
  • Bed also available as a package with 80" x 35" x 7" innerspring mattress and either full rails or head half rails.
  • Bed packages also available with mattresses that meet the requirements of California Technical Bulletin #603 (fire retardant for Nursing Facilities).
  • The old part numbers are: 860A and 865A.
  • For longer hospital bed up to 84", Bed Extender (609-0084-000) is available to extend the bed frame.
  • For longer mattress to go with extended bed frame, you can choose the 84" innerspring mattress for longer sleep surface.
  • Warranty:
    • Two year warranty for defects in workmanship and materials of mechanical components, frame, and electronics.
    • During the warranty period, defective items will be repaired or replaced at manufacturer's option at no charge.

SPECIFICATIONS for WhisperLite II Electric Hospital Bed

Height Range (Deck Level): 15" - 24"
Overall Length: 87"
Bed Width at Head End: 36"
Assembled Weight (bed and motor): 161 lbs.
Weight Capacity: 450 lbs.

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 Questions & Comments (29)

Qwhat is the brend of this full electric hospital bed
AThe brand used to be WhisperLite and is Patriot now.
AYes, if you need a mattress you can select one of the packages that come with the mattress and save your cost.
QWhat is the difference between the standard mattress and the reversible combo. innerspring mattress?
AThe standard innerspring mattress offers two same innerspring surfaces on both side of the mattress and reverseable combination innerspring mattress offers two difference surface, innerspring on one side and 3/4" convoluted foam on the other side.
QWhat materials are the railings & headboad made of.
AThe side rails and head / foot boards are made of metal materials (steel). The head / foot boards are sturdy enough to hold trapeze bar.
QWhat is the width of this bed -- is it full size rather than single?
AThis is standard size which is equivalent to twin size. If you need a full size, you will have to consider a bariatic model what is wider than 36". A full size is 54" wide. The following ones are 54" bariatric hospital bed.

QDo you also have linens to fit this hospital bed, if so how much more?
AYes, we do. You may look at the following bed sheets that fit on the hospital bed.

QI am looking into item No.WL0458-PKGHLF, and was wondering how much would be to have it sent to Guayaquil, Ecuador, and how long would it be for it to arrive there. Thanks for letting me know.
ASorry, we do not ship hospital beds overseas. It may cost a lot more than the product itself to ship it to you. If you have a freight forwarder in the US, we can ship it there free of shipping charge and the forwarder can ship the product further to you.
Qdo you work with medicare? my husband has a rented hospital bed now it is getting very expensive. we need a full electric with mattress.please let me know.thank you georgia venters
AMedicare will not cover purchase of such hospital beds. As you may know from your experience, rent is good only for short term use purpose. But if you need the bed for longer period, it will get more and more expensive. With the same amount you paid, you may have bought one or more beds. If you need to purchase a bed and a mattress, you can choose one of the packages listed on the same page. We accept all major credit cards.
QIt lookes like the mattress is included? How difficult is it to put this be together? Thanks
AYes, the mattress is included if you choose such a package based on the description on the table. The assembly is quite easy just like a furniture from IKEA. All of the customers were able to set it up by themselves.
QAre these new beds. If I decide to purchase this bed I will be living in NJ, should I have problems with repairs where is the nearest provider to me.
AYes, we only sell new products. Since these are durable medical equipment that are made very sturdy, the bed frame is hard to have any problems under normal use. The only possible source of problem is the motor. The motors of our hospital beds are built with high quality and rarely have problems. If some problems happen, you can call us to have a technician help define the problem over the phone. Many problems can be easily fixed by following certain steps. If needed we can ship you replacement parts accordingly. You can change it based on our instruction. The process is fairly easy. Meanwhile, we have a warehouse in NJ. Although it is not a repair center it may be helpful too.
Qitem # WLo408IFPKG, is this bed height adjustable
AYes, the bed is height adjustable electrically - between 15" and 24" high from floor.
QIs the item WL0458-IFPKG available in Malaysia? If yes, who is your dealer/agent? If not, do you deliver to West Malaysia? How much is the shipping cost? How long will you take to deliver the items?
AThis product is not available in Malaysia and we do not ship it there since the shipping cost will be outrageous for this heavy item and could be a lot more than the cost of the product itself and therefore not worthy.
QI note MEDICAID does not pay for a hospital bed.How about MEDICARE? If it does,how is that handled?
ANone of them will cover the purchase of these beds.
Qwhy do i need a hospital bed? what does it give me? for what condition do i need to buy a hospital bed
ABasically if you have some medical conditions you may need such a bed. Please consult with your doctor if this is the case. Also please read the description of the bed to see if the features and functions will make your life easier.
QDoes this bed height raise and lower, other than just the head and knee lifts?
AYes, it raises up and down between 15" and 24" from the floor electrically with the handle control as described on the website.
QWhisperLite ll Electric Hospital Bed $863.00. What type of electrical outlet must you use with this bed? What is the difference between the two mattress's offered one with half rails complete frame, mattress and half rails $989.00 the other mattress and half rails at $982.00? Also half rails, that would be the rails at the head of the bed is that correct? Thank You Kay Anderosn
AThe electric hospital bed uses 110/115V 50/60Hz power. The packages WL0458-IFPKG and WL0458-IFPKGHLF come with a reversible innerspring mattress with 3/4" convoluted foam sleep surface on one side and regular innerspring surface on the other side. While the other packages come with standard innerspring mattress without foam sleep layer.

Yes, half rails are rails at the head or foot side of the bed to protect the patient by half length of the bed.
QDoes the WhisperLite II bed come in a full size?
APer industrial standard, hospital beds wider than 36" are considered bariatric hospital beds. A full size bed is 54" in width. So your option is a 54" bariatric hospital bed that supports higher weight.


There is no full size model on the market that supports lower than 500 lbs.
Qdoes this price of hospital beds come with assembling of bed at destination?
AThe price includes free shipping and tax (if you are not in WA state). It does not include assembling that is easy. You will need to do it yourself following the manual just like buying a furniture from Target or IKEA. None of the customers who bought the bed had problem handling this.
QDo you sell full length bed bumpers that fit this bed?
AThere no bed bumper specifically available for this bed. But you may consider bed rail cushions that can be used to protect the patient and reduce the pressure against the patient from the hard side rails on both sides of the bed.

The Cushion Ease Side Rail Pads come with different sizes that work with half rails and full rails. They also reduce gaps between the bed rails and mattress and reduce the pressure against wall on the side.

The cushion pads are made of antimicrobial, flame and stain resistant material and are easy to clean.
QWhat angle (in degrees) can the head be elevated to?
AThe head board can elevate to 60 degrees.
QCan i get this bed in a full size?
AThere is no full size hospital bed on the market. In the medical industry, the beds are not categorized this way. If you want wider bed, you need to select bariatric hospital beds that are wider than regular model. The following models are available: http://ucanhealth.com/goto.php?page=bariatric_equipment.html#bariatric_hospital_bed
QNeed to order a replacment motor for full electrice bed. Wisperlite II model # WL0408. Can this be done through your website? Thanks, Jane
AYes, you can order the motor from our website. Please make sure that your bed model # is WL0408. If so you can order the item 690-2001-415. If it is WL0458 you need to order 690-3001-415. The later is a newer model with some modefication on the motor. All current orders for the WhisperLite II full electric hospital bed will get the model WL0458.
QAre the rails adjustable / removeable? And can you send me pictures of the full vs. half rails? Thanks!
AYes, both of the full and half rails are removable and can drop down. The full rails can stop at any height but the half rails have to be either raised or dropped down fully. To compare the two, you can go to the following page:
QWhat is the difference in the matresses from WL0408-PKGHLFCA and WL0408-PKGHLF. DO you also have full size beds and what would the price be for them with the differetn matresses? Please advise. Thank you.
AThe difference in the matresses from WL0408-PKGHLFCA and WL0408-PKGHLF is that the package with "CA" at the end comes with a mattress that meets the requirements of California Technical Bulletin #603 (fire retardant for Nursing Facilities). It is required for facilities in certain state such as California. Otherwise, you may not need it.

Hospital beds are categorized as twin, full, queen or king per industrial standard. There are only standard (36" wide) or bariatric (wider) hospital beds. Bariatric hospital beds can be 39", 42", 48", 54" or wider with higher weight capacity for heavy patients. The 54" bed is similar to full size in terms of width. http://ucanhealth.com/goto.php?page=bariatric_equipment.html#bariatric_hospital_bed.

Therefore, there is no such a full size hospital bed. You may also consider luxury adjustable bed as home style with more options of bed and mattress sizes http://ucanhealth.com/goto.php?page=luxury_adjustable_beds.
QDoes medicaid pay for these beds?
AAs we know, medicaid does not pay for purchasing any full-electric hospital beds. It may cover certain percentage of rental of manual or semi-electric hospital bed for a period of time, but not purchase either. Please contact your local Medicare office for more information.
QCan you give me a specification of the motor and the movement it provides
AIts motor is 110 v / 50 Hz and provide automatic movements for the raising / lowering the head / foot sections and the whole level of the bed.
QMy Dad is coming home from rehab, and had trouble adjusting to the hospital be with a footboard- they removed the footboard, and he was more comfortable- can your footboard be removed?- how high above the mattress does it come up- your pictures show the whisper bed with a full width footboard, but then another picture with a smaller width footboard.
AFor the WhisperLite homecare bed, the headboard / footboard are a part of the leg supporting structure and are not removable for safety reasons. The second picture on the page shows the bed with a mattress that raises to a higher level. Therefore, you see that the footboard becomes smaller.

If you want to have a bed with removable footboard, you can consider one of our long term care beds that are more flexible and sturdier.
QI'm the Nurse Administrator at XXXX College. We are about to admit our first 48 students into our new associate degree program. I am currently buying supplies for our lab and I'm interested in your WhisperLite II Electric Hospital Bed. Is this bed Fully electric and does it include head/foot boards?
AThank you for your interest in our WhisperLite II Electric Hospital Bed that is a great tool for nursing teaching due to its lightweight, quiet operation and easy installation / un-installation. Yes, it is full electric with the bed height and head / foot positions controlled by the handheld pendant control. The bed frame includes head / foot boards. If you need mattress / rails, you can choose one of the packages at a bargin price compared to purchasing them separately.
QDo your beds come preassembled?
AThe bed comes not assembled since otherwise it is hard to ship. But the assembly is quite easy just like a furniture from IKEA or Target. It comes with instruction with detailed and clear description. Our customer service reps are available to help you over the phone if you have any questions. None of our customers have had problems in assembling it.

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WhisperLite II Electric Hospital Bed

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