Brooks Ariel GTS 23 Women's Running Shoes Black/Grey/White Size 6.5 Width B - Medium
Brooks Ariel GTS 23 Women's Running Shoes Black/Grey/White Size 6.5 Width B - Medium
Max support meets extra comfort in the Brooks Ariel GTS 23! Perfect for runners who overpronate, this stability shoe features GuideRails® technology to align your stride. Every stride on the DNA LOFT v3 midsole provides ultra-soft protection from impact to keep you moving comfortably. If you want to start your runs with a strong foundation, choose the Brooks Ariel GTS 23! What's New? Full-length Segmented Crash Pad provides smooth heel-to-toe transitions. HPR in the heel adds durability, while a blown rubber outsole adds responsive protection. Linear last construction of the midsole and outsole offers support and durability. Who's it for? Runners who need a shoe with maximum support for overpronation. Key Features: Responsive cushioning: Soft, nitrogen-infused DNA LOFT v3 offers long-lasting, adaptive cushioning to protect your body from impact. GuideRails® holistic support system: Innovative technology supports your body in its natural motion path, keeping excess movement in check. Secure fit: 3D Fit Print technology perfectly balances stretch and structure for a secure and comfortable fit..
Color: Black,Grey,White
Age Group: adult
Gender: female
Size: 6.5 Medium (B)
Brand: Brooks

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