Brooks Hyperion Max Women's Running Shoes Pink Glo/Green/Black Size 9 Width B - Medium
Brooks Hyperion Max Women's Running Shoes Pink Glo/Green/Black Size 9 Width B - Medium
Reach top speed during your training in the Brooks Hyperion Max! This neutral running shoe features a nitrogen-infused DNA FLASH midsole that adapts to every stride. Enjoy fast and effortless transitions as the Rapid Roll technology drives you forward. Ultralight cushioning absorbs impact from your hardest workouts, keeping your legs fresh and ready for the next run. Protective and responsive, the Brooks Hyperion Max unlocks your racing potential! Who's it for? Neutral runners who want to achieve high speeds on race day. Runners who need a shoe with ample cushioning to protect their legs from rigorous training sessions. Runners who wore the Brooks Hyperion Tempo and want to try a higher-cushioned version. Shoe Technology Upper: Stretch woven upper and 3D Fit Print technology add structure and breathability. Midsole: Nitrogen-infused DNA Flash midsole adapts to your stride for a fast and propulsive feel. Rapid Roll technology features a curved heel and toe for speedy transitions. Outsole: Green Rubber outsole provides lightweight durability for long-lasting, eco-friendly traction..
Color: Pink Glo,Green,Black
Age Group: adult
Gender: female
Size: 9 Medium (B)
Brand: Brooks

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