Brooks Cascadia 17 Women's Trail Running Shoes Oyster/Blackened Pearl/Purple Size 7.5 Width D - Wide
Brooks Cascadia 17 Women's Trail Running Shoes Oyster/Blackened Pearl/Purple Size 7.5 Width D - Wide
Maneuver through the mountains in the Brooks Cascadia 17! This fan-favorite trail runner provides all-terrain comfort to explore the outdoors. Its Trail Adapt System combines an integrated midsole, rock plate and outsole pods for support on any surface. Dominate wet and dry surfaces on the sticky TrailTack rubber outsole. Enjoy soft and light strides under the DNA LOFT v2 foam midsole. With reliable traction and durable protection, it's easy to see why trail runners love the Brooks Cascadia 17! What's New? Trail Adapt System uses an integrated midsole, rock plate and outsole system to deliver all-terrain stability. TrailTack Rubber technology provides wet-dry traction made from 25% recycled content. Who's it for? Runners and hikers who want a durable, stable and grippy trail shoe. Aggressive trail runners who need shoes for uneven surfaces and inclement weather. Key Features: Adaptable stability: Trail Adapt System uses and integrated midsole, rock plate and zonal outsole pods provide a stable and controlled ride over any surface. Enhanced traction: Biometric design inspired by mountain goat hooves features a split forefoot to grip uneven surfaces while zonal pods improve control. Soft cushioning: DNA LOFT v2 midsole technology provides soft cushioning over any terrain to deliver comfort during your explorations..
Color: Oyster,Blackened Pearl,Purple
Age Group: adult
Gender: female
Size: 7.5 Wide (D)
Brand: Brooks

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