On Cloud X 3 AD Men's Running Shoes Undyed White/Niagara Size 8.5 Width D - Medium
On Cloud X 3 AD Men's Running Shoes Undyed White/Niagara Size 8.5 Width D - Medium
Made for an active lifestyle, the On Cloud X 3 AD smoothly transitions from your workout to your daily routine! This versatile fitness shoe provides all-day comfort to attack any challenge. Enjoy soft landings on the CloudTec® sole while the Speedboard® energizes every stride. An improved fit enhances breathability and lateral support to keep you comfortable while you crush your goals. Light and agile, the On Cloud X 3 AD is the perfect workout partner! What's New? Re-engineered three-layer mesh upper improves breathability. Adjusted heel fit adds security. Eco-friendly design includes more recycled content to limit environmental impact. Wider platform enhances support and stability. Who's it for? Runners who like to switch up their workouts with shoes they can wear on the road and in the gym. Shoe Technology Upper: Re-engineered three-layer mesh provides breathability, support and durability. 100% recycled polyester mesh and 50% bamboo lining keep your feet cool and dry. Raised sidewalls, a wider platform and specific stability zones in the upper offer support. Midsole: Speedboard® transfers impact into forward momentum, leading explosive take-offs and responsive strides. Outsole: CloudTec® elements add cushioning for soft landings..
Color: Undyed White,Niagara
Age Group: adult
Gender: male
Size: 8.5 Medium (D)
Brand: On Running

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