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uCan ShopuCan Shop proudly supplies tens of thousands of high quality, stylish and user-friendly healthcare products for patient care and elder care at home, hospitals, care facilities or during travel... and for training of healthcare professionals in North America. Many of our products are designed to meet special needs that are commonly ignored and may not be easily found in local stores of medical supplies.
  • Bath Safety: According to the National Safety Council, slip and fall accident is the No. 2 killer in the US. Bathroom accidents in bathtub or shower stall is the major concern for elderly or bariatric persons and patients with reduced body control capabilities. It is important to minimize the chance of such accidents...
  • Fight Over Bed Sores: Bed sores are significant and growing problems for patients in confinement to bed or a chair, being unable to move, losing of bowel or bladder control, having poor nutrition, or with lowered mental awareness. Anyone who must stay in a bed, chair, or wheelchair because of illness or injury can get bed sores...
  • Overweight / Obesity According to US Surgeon General, the primary concern of overweight / obesity is one of health and not appearance. It is estimated that 300,000 deaths per year may be due to obesity. The risk of death rises with increasing weight. Bariatric individuals have 50-100% increased risk of premature death from all ...
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SmartRead Plus Digital Blood Pressure Monitor With Memory Adult (Clearance)

SmartRead Plus Digital Blood Pressure Monitor With Memory Adult (Clearance)

Digital blood pressure monitors with 90-reading memory recall, date and ...



6" Geo-Mattress With Wings - Therapeutic Raised Perimeter Mattress (Clearance)

The supportive, raised perimeter (8" high) of the Geo-Mattress with ...


McGuire-Style Suspensory Male Urinal (Clearance)

McGuire-Style Suspensory Male Urinal (Clearance)

This suspensory male urinal features a unique design in one size that fits most. Soft ...


Medline Magnetic Alarm (Clearance)

Medline Magnetic Alarm (Clearance)

The magnetic pull switch releases from any angle, eliminating false alarms and clothing tears. Includes strap, ...


ucan health care directory Find the best care giving services in your area. uCan Health works with 120,000+ caregivers and giving facilities in the US to improve the quality of lives for the seniors and patients who need care.
uCan Health is engaged in planning, fundraising / investment, operation, promotion and staffing for selected home and institutional senior care projects...
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