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Advantage Fall Reduction System

Retail Price: $499.00, Our Price: $360.00 (28% off) Printable
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Medline Advantage® Fall Prevention System uses sensor technology to alert caregivers. This system utilizes mats with proximity technology to detect patient's attempt to exit the bed or chair. Shipping is free.

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Item No. Description Was Now Quant
MDT8000 Monitor$499.00 $360.00
MDT8010KIT Kit (Complete Pack)$699.00 $489.00
MDT8000 Proximity Mat 1/CS$62.00 $56.00
MDT8000NURSE Nurse Call Cable$42.00 $29.00
MDT8005 Pressure Mat 5/CS$250.00 $199.00
MDT8005CABLE Pressure Mat Cable$39.00 $35.00
MDT8010CABLE Proximity Mat Cable$140.00 $99.00
MDT8010R Proximity Mat 10/CS$425.00 $339.00

FEATURES for Advantage Fall Reduction System

  • Monitor
    • 15-second auto-start reduces human error by starting the monitor on its own when a patient is sensed by the mat. 
    • For use with either pressure or proximity mat, this easy-to-use unit has 3 delay settings and 4 alarm tones. 
    • Two AA batteries (included) last approximately 1-1/2 years. 
    • Two-year warranty.
  • Pressure Sensing
    • For use on bed or chair, this mat senses body weight and is sensitive enough for even the lightest patients. 
    • With the proper connecting cable, these mats can work with almost any monitor. 
    • Works with cable sold below. 
    • The cables are required, but only order one per monitor, not per mat. 
    • 90-day warranty.
  • Proximity Sensing
    • Reduce false alarms and increase response time with our unique proximity sensor mats! 
    • Instead of sensing the patient's body weight like traditional pressure sensors, the proximity mats works more like an antenna detecting the patient's presence. 
    • These sensor mats can be positioned behind the shoulders in the bed or down the back of the wheelchair to provide a faster response to patient bed and chair exit attempts. 
    • Requires cable sold below. 
    • Only order one cable per monitor, not per mat. 

SPECIFICATIONS for Advantage Fall Reduction System

MDT8000 Monitor
MDT8000NURSE Nurse Call Connecting Cable
Pressure Sensing
MDT8005 Pressure Mat 5/Box
MDT8005CABLE  Pressure Mat Connecting Cable
Proximity Sensing
MDT8010KIT Kit includes monitor, mat and cable
MDT8010R  Proximity Mat 10/Box
MDT8010Z  Proximity Mat  
MDT8010CABLE  Proximity Mat Connecting Cable

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 Questions & Comments (1)

QHi, are your pressure mats water proof? I need to detect a person in the shower. Also, what are the dimentions of your mats? Thanks! John
ASorry, the pressure mats are not water proof. It is designed for bed or chair not for shower. Expose the mats to water may cause severe damage to the system. In fact, we are not aware of such a product used for shower on the market.

Shower stall or bath tub are the most dangerous places for patients or elderly. Accidents can happen in seconds. In theory, detecting or monitoring remotely may not be the best approach to prevention of fall related accidents. When you detect something happening it may be too late. In our opinion, A better approach is to use bathroom safety product, such as the sliding transfer bench to protect the patients during the shower from start to end. Depending on the situation, it may be also necessary to have a caregiver on site to help.

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Advantage Fall Reduction System

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