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How to Select Medical Wheelchairs?

Medical wheelchairs as the most common mobility aids play important roles in the daily lives of the elderly and handicapped persons. Medical wheelchairs have strong differences in how they feel, how they fit, how they respond and what they enable us to do. Because people, their abilities and their needs are so different there are many possible combinations between people and mobility equipment. Figuring out which kind of wheelchair or seating system is best for each person is very important and challenging.
Standard Wheelchair
Standard Wheelchair
From $156, Save up to 40%
Travel Transport Wheelchair
Travel Transport Wheelchair
From $159, Save up to 40%
Transportation Wheelchair
Transport Wheelchair
From $133, Save up to 40%
Standard Wheelchairs - With large rear wheels, these type of wheelchairs can be self-propelled. Such a chair usually weighs over 30 pounds and is the perfect choice when you need a medical wheelchair that will be used less than 4 hours per day.

Lightweight Wheelchairs - With wheelchair weights as low as 16 pounds and some available in folding models that can be held in a carrying bag, these wheelchairs are for those who want the lightest and most compact chair possible for limited storage space or for ease of use and transport, such as travel by air, cruise, train or ground transportation. uCan Health provides the most portable travel wheelchairs in the market at the most competitive prices.

Transport Wheelchairs - With four small wheels and light weight frames, transport wheelchairs are the perfect choice for transporting someone to and from the house or around the mall. Transport wheelchairs are narrower than standard wheelchairs, making them a good choice for tight hallways and narrow doorways around the house.

Extra Wide Wheelchair
Extra Wide Bariatric Wheelchair
From $313, Save up to 40%
Commode Shower Wheelchair
 Shower Commode Wheelchair
From $158, Save 40%
Reclining Wheelchair
Reclining Wheelchair
From $414, Save up to 45%
Extra Wide / Heavy Duty Medical Wheelchairs - With seat width from 20" up to 30" and weight capacities ranging from 300 up to 800 pounds, these heavy duty medical wheelchairs can accommodate nearly any one especially the bariatric users. uCan Heath carries a wide range of heavy duty medical wheelchairs, from economical bariatric transport chairs to complex highly-configurable models. 

Shower Wheelchairs - A shower wheelchair addresses the personal hygienic need of people with spinal cord injuries and other individuals with disabilities. Such a chair is usually built of rust-free materials such as PVC, aluminum or stainless steel. The wheels of the chair allow the caregiver to transfer the patient in and out of the tub or shower with less effort. Most of these wheelchairs have cut-out commode opening on the seat so that it can be also used over the toilet. Therefore, some of them are also called All in One models.

Reclining Wheelchairs - A reclining wheelchair is the extension of a medical wheelchair in terms of the comfort level. With raised backrest and reclining back with wide range of adjustable angles, a reclining manual wheelchair can be used like a regular wheelchair or converted to a temporary bed or used for special purposes such as shower or commode.

Pediatric Wheelchair
Pediatric Wheelchair
From $359, Save up to 34%
Power Wheelchair
Power Wheelchair
From $1,399, Save up to 37%
Standing Wheelchair
Standing Wheelchair
From $4,800, Save up to 57%

Pediatric Wheelchairs - With 14" or narrower seat width and elevated footrest levels, these pediatric wheelchairs are designed for children, young adults or adults with short body sizes. We also carry pediatric reclining wheelchairs.

Power Wheelchairs - The most powerful mobility aids driven with electric power from rechargeable batteries. The power wheelchair can be controlled with a built-in joy stick on one side of the armrest to move forward or backward or turn either sides. The power wheelchair can be a motorized wheelchair that is lightweight and foldable or a stylish power chair that does not at all look like a regular medical wheelchair.

Standing Wheelchairs - With a light push of a button, the manual or power standing wheelchair can stretch up to assist the user to stand up. Such a product is very helpful to a patient with spinal cord injuries or other disabilities who needs help in not only proceeding but also standing up.

Some of medical wheelchairs are available with options of different foot supports (foot rest,  elevating legrests, foot boards), arm styles (desk arms or full arms), seat sizes,  wheel sizes, etc. Make your selection for maximum level of comfort. Please contact us if you need help to make appropriate decision.

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