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Bed Sore Healing with Pressure Relief Mattress

Bed sore or pressure sore are significant and growing problems for patients in confinement to bed or a chair, being unable to move, losing of bowel or bladder control, having poor nutrition, or with lowered mental awareness. Anyone who must stay in a bed, chair, or wheelchair because of illness or injury can get bed sore. A bed score is an injury usually caused by unrelieved pressure that damages the skin and underlying tissue by squeezing tiny blood vessels which supply the skin with nutrients and oxygen. Bed sore leads to pain, a long stay in the hospital or nursing home and slower recovery from health problems - therefore increase the cost and decrease the quality of care. Once developed, bed sore healing can be challenging in many cases.

Alternating pressure and low air loss technologies are known to be most effective in healing and preventing these wounds and make care giving tasks significantly easier. Today, many mattresses with alternating pressure or low air loss or both functions are available on the market to fit a variety budgets and applications. To select appropriate mattress, it is important to understand the stage of bed sore on the patient (stages I - IV):

1. Prevention or Healing of Stages I - II

This category of mattresses are designed and made to prevent / heal early stage bed sores at lower cost - as the most economic solution to early stage bed sores. The mattresses are usually 5" or 8" and are used on top of another mattress such as innerspring or foam mattress that are already used with hospital bed. These products include models 14025, 920, 930, 753000, 14028, MDT245000 and SYS600.

2. Prevention or Healing of Stages I - IV

This category of mattresses are designed and made to cover wide range of bed sore stages and heal early stage sores more quickly at high cost than the category above. These products include models P1000I, 14029, P1500, SYS1200AP, SYS1200LA and 14029DP.

3. Powerful Healing of Advanced Stage

Mattresses of this category are usually called Stage IV mattress. They are more effective in healing bed sores of any stages with stronger and faster therapeutic  effects at higher cost than the other categories. These products include models SYS2000 and SYS3000. The model SYS3000, Stage IV 3000 Mattress, features three individual pressure zones for head, trunk and legs / feet. This unique feature deliver maximum patient comfort and therapy making bed sore healing a breeze.

4. Bariatric Alternating Pressure Mattresses

These mattresses are thicker and wider with weight capacities above 500 lbs to fit on bariatric hospital beds. Different from home style beds that are categorized as twin size, full size, queen size and king size, hospital beds are categorized as standard (about 36" wide close to twin size) and bariatric (wider than 36" holding more than 500 lbs) beds based on industrial standard. Medical mattresses that are used with hospital beds are also categorized the way. Bariatric alternating pressure mattresses include models 940, APM1000048, 3682340, 14060, SYS3000PLUS. These mattresses are available with 39" (close but a little wider than twin size), 42", 48", 54" (close to full size) and 60" (close to queen size) width and can be used with both hospital and home style beds.

5. Lateral Rotation Mattress

Also called lateral turn mattress, these mattresses can turn patient laterally to change his / her body position automatically. This helps patient recover from pulmonary diseases and complications, and promotes secondary wound healing and prevention. Lateral rotation mattresses are usually built with low air loss function for pressure relief function since patients with bed-ridden pulmonary diseases are at risk of suffering from bed sores. These products include models SYS-MIL-TTL and P4000.

6. Pressure Relief Air Chair

Mattress pad designed to fit and function on chairs for patient to receive maximum pressure relief while in a seat position to prevent pressure ulcers. The air chairs can be used with wheelchair or any chairs or built with a standard clinical recliner chair. This products include models SYS600AC, SYS10150 and SYS10651
Alternating Pressure Mattress
Alternating Pressure Mattresss
(most effectively prevent / heal bedsores of stages I-IV at different costs)
Lateral Rotation Mattress
Lateral Rotation Mattress
(for pulmonary patients and secondary wound healing and prevention)
Pressure Relief Air Chair
Pressure Relief Air Chair
(to receive maximum pressure relief while in a seated position)

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