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Bedridden Products for Bedridden Patients

A bedridden patient is confined to bed because of illness or infirmity. He or she is usually affected by an impairment of normal physical or mention function. Patient after surgery may experience a bedridden period that may be long or short depending on the health condition and recovery situation. Some disabling diseases or injury may cause patient to be bedridden for a long period of time and even the rest of the life.

The following bedridden products assist bedridden patients in their daily life to stay away from common complications or facilitate patient care by caregivers:

hospital beds & accessories
Hospital Beds & Accessories
bed sore mattress
Pressure Relief Air Mattress
patient lifting system
Patient Lifting System
  • Hospital Beds & Accessories: these are most basic bedridden products that patients reply on. Full electric or semi-electric models are easier to control by care givers or patients themselves.

  • Pressure Relief Mattresses: bedridden products (such as alternating pressure mattress or low air loss mattress) used to prevent or heal pressure sores that are the most common complication for bedridden patients.

  • Patient Lifts: the most commonly used transfer tools by caregivers, such a bedridden product can be driven mechanically or electrically.

patient alarm
Patient Alarms
commode wheelchair
Commode Shower Wheelchairs
  • Wheelchairs: regular or standard wheelchairs are the most common mobility aids play important roles in the daily lives of the elderly and handicapped persons, especially for bedridden persons.

  • Patient Alarms: designed to monitor bedridden patient and to alert their caregivers when immediate intervention is required. It sounds an alarm to alert the caregiver when a patient tries to get out of bed.

  • Commode Wheelchair / Shower Wheelchair: are to ensure bathroom safety for patients who use toilet or take shower / bath.

personal care
Hair Clean | Incontinence Care
air pressure chair
Bedridden Air Chair
Power Chair with Rear Controller at Back Handle
Power Chair with Rear Control
  • Personal Care Products: that take care of personal hygiene, incontinence and all kinds of daily living issues for bedridden patients.
  • Bedridden Air Chair: these help prevent pressure sores for patients in sitting position for a long time.
  • Power Chair with Rear Control: unlike other power chair, this is operated by caregiver through the controller on the back rail. It makes caregiver a lot easier to transfer patients from a place to another and is well suited in a healthcare facility such as nursing home, assisted living, hospice, etc. as well as for care of patients of obese

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