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1 message regarding Quality Care Physical Therapy PC

Quality Care Physical Therapy PC
110 Ocean Pkwy Ste A
Brooklyn, NY 11218
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Physical Therapist

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We specialize in both nonsurgical pain relief and postoperative care - with a concentration in hands-on techniques. Leading edge techniques like myofascial release, manipulation, and strain-counterstrain have proven effective in not only relieving pain for the short term, but also in rehabilitating and restoring injured joints , muscles, and tendons to their former function. Plus, we make use of tranquill electronic stimulation to induce muscle memory of normal muscle function.

Therapeutic massage to improve circulation to injured areas and stimulate healing. Advanced traction devices to help defeat back and neck pain.

Everything works with, not against , the natural functions of the body to relieve pain quickly and effectively. Our Personalized Treatment options include: * Myofascial release and strain -counterstrain techniques to help restore function to joints and musles. * Electronic TENS pain relief. * Healing hotcold therapy. * Exercise facilities for on-site muscle strenghtening and rehabilitation, including bikes and treadmills. * Lumbar and cervical traction to help lessen your back and neck pain. * Deep massage to relax and stimulate muscles, relieve stress, and speed healing. * Electric muscle stimulation for fast pain relief .

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Quality Care Physical Therapy, Pc.
Quality Care Physical Therapy, Pc.
Brooklyn, NY
geriatric, neurologic, oncology, orthopaedics, sports physical therapy, women
Wellness Realized
Wellness Realized
Brooklyn, NY
holistic nutrition and lifestyle counseling by erica duryea, certified health ...
Quality Care Physical Therapy, Pc
Quality Care Physical Therapy, Pc
Brooklyn, NY
geriatric, neurologic, oncology, orthopaedics, sports physical therapy, women

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