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4 messages regarding St. Anne's Mead

St. Anne's Mead
16106 W. 12 Mile Road
Southfield, MI 48076
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If you or a loved one are looking for a senior home with kind and caring caregivers, great food, interesting activities, a lovely building with beautiful dining rooms and common areas, 24 hour security, housekeeping and laundry service, medication management, on-site doctor visits, and a delightful group of residents, visit St. Anne's Mead.

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Jun 10, 2011 05:42:21

Maureen Gallagher
23042 Springbrook Drive
Farmington, MI 48336
(248) 991-9821 or cell (269) 665-0228

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing in to inquire about a possible opening within your agency for a part-time Social Worker position. I believe that my recent experience in this area would benefit your agency if I were to be considered for such a position. I have experience in working with older adults, and have conducted Geriatric Depression Scales, Folstein Mini-Mental Scales, and also have MDS experience. Most recently I was an Activity Coordinator for Jewish Apartments and Services in West Bloomfield. Due to a tragic fire at our facility, my services could no longer be rendered there. I am seeking a similar position in an independent living facility, and was told about your agency by a family member of one of your former residents.

I also have experience in working with younger and older adults suffering from emotional impairments, substance abuse, and mental health issues. I was coordinator for a transition program for three years, and worked closely with staff from the Family Independence Agency, Community Mental Health, Michigan Rehabilitation Services, and Kalamazoo Regional Educational Services Administration. I have also had a great deal of experience in assisting low-income and indigent adults obtain county health care coverage as well as outreach services.

I was also employed as a Supported Living Supervisor for a non-profit agency. In this capacity I was responsible for individuals with severe mental health issues and developmental disabilities. I worked closely with guardians and families of these individuals as well as with case managers. I supervised direct care staff, and was responsible for consumer living sites. I also ensured that person-centered-plans and medication protocols were followed.

I appreciate your taking the time to review my resume. I am available for an interview at your convenience. I can be reached at the above telephone number and can provide you with letters of reference upon request.

Maureen Gallagher

23042 Springbrook Drive
Farmington, Michigan 48336
(269) 665-0228

Bachelor of Social Work: Western Michigan University: Kalamazoo, Michigan. Degree conferred: August, 1992.


Activity Coordinator, Jewish Apartments and Services: 2/2008-5/2008.
• Arranged for outside presenters to speak to residents.
• Set up craft classes for residents.
• Arranged for outside events for residents to attend.
• Responsible for monthly activity calendar.
• Responsible for leading monthly activity meeting.
• Responsible for maintaining activity supplies. Responsible for generating flyers and announcements for event

Administrative Coordinator, Blueprint for Aging Department: Older Adult Services, Catholic Social Services: 7/2006-10/2006.
• Facilitated communications between the Blueprint for Aging Coalition, Core Leadership Team, and project workgroups through correspondence, mailings, phone calls and appointments.
• Served as liaison between the community and the project by interacting with key stakeholders (professionals and consumers), providing assistance with arrangements, messages and deliverables, and acting as a contact for information and resources.
• Responsible for entering project work plan into database.
• Responsible for designing workgroup flyers, brochures, and providing program articles for website newsletter.
• Coordinated and supported activities of Senior Advocates of Washtenaw-S.A.W., including recruitment, training materials development, and oversight of S.A.W. activities.
• Responsible for recruitment of new Senior Advocates of Washtenaw workgroup members.
• Liaison with AAA 1-B, Core Leadership Team, Senior Implementation Council including reporting to keep all members aware of Senior Advocates of Washtenaw and various activities.
• Participated in project and agency activities and responsibilities as appropriate and directed by supervisor.

Supervised Independent Living Supervisor : Hope Network South, Kalamazoo, Michigan: 3/2005-9/2005.
• Supervised Independent Living Sites for adults suffering from mental health issues and developmental disabilities.
• Responsible for working with families and guardians of consumers.
• Responsible for supervising the Program Coordinator and Direct Care Staff.
• Responsible for maintaining ongoing relationships with consumer’s case managers.
• Responsible for ensuring consumers sites are safe and that medications are passed
• Responsible for billing Community Mental Health accurately.
• Responsible for ensuring that consumer’s physical and mental health needs are addressed.

Program Coordinator: Kalamazoo County M.S.U. Extension Program, Kalamazoo, Michigan: 2004-2005.
• Responsible for developing a curriculum for Kalamazoo Public School's elementary-age students involved in the M.S.U. Extension's 4-H program.
• Responsible for supervising Program Leaders.
• Responsible for ensuring that Program Leaders are equipped with appropriate materials in order to carry out their curriculum.
• Responsible for mentoring at-risk students as well as monitoring and addressing problematic behavior.
Program Coordinator: Connections Program, MRC Industries, Kalamazoo Michigan: 2001-2004.
• Responsible for the hiring and supervision of staff, including Employment Training Specialists, Educators, Peer Mentors, and a student intern.
• Provided transition services to young adults with emotional impairments and mental health issues.
• Supervised and developed an educational/employment program involving high school drop-outs for the Michigan Works Department.
• Collaborated with local social service agencies on a Transition Housing program.
• Worked closely with foster-care youth referred by the Family Independence Agency.
• Provided services to sexual abuse victims, pregnant clients, and single mothers.
• Provided individual and group programming which included: Pre-employment skills, Independent Living skills, and Anger Management classes.
• Provided outreach services for clients in need of housing, counseling, financial, medical, and substance abuse services.
• Participated on committees with staff from Kalamazoo County Community Mental Health, Kalamazoo Regional Intermediate School District, Michigan Rehabilitation Services, Community Advocates, Disability Resource Center, and local school districts
• Responsible for providing program reports to the agency president and to the Board of Directors
• Responsible for making presentations to local social service agencies, schools, and potential funding sources.
• Responsible for the program’s revenue building and billing process.
• Obtained the program’s first (three-year) CARF accreditation

Children’s Protective Services Specialist, Family Independence Agency, Kalamazoo, Michigan: 1998-2001.
• Investigated allegations of Child Abuse and Child Neglect.
• Petitioned the Kalamazoo County Circuit Court-Family Division on behalf of minors found to be the victims of abuse and/or neglect.
• Provided court testimony in both Probate and Circuit Court
• Responsible for writing investigation reports for both the Family Independence Agency, as well as for the Kalamazoo County Circuit Court-Family Division.
• Provided outreach services for families on caseload
• Provided training seminars for the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety police recruiting department as well as for the Kalamazoo County Human Resources Department.
Parole/Probation Agent, Michigan Department of Corrections, Centreville, Michigan: 1996-1998.
• Conducted Pre-sentence Investigation interviews for individuals convicted of committing felony offenses.
• Responsible for providing the 45th Circuit Court with Pre-Sentence reports and recommendations.
• Responsible for a caseload of approximately 80 Parolees and Probationers.
• Responsible for obtaining warrants and writing violation reports for individuals who violated their terms of parole or probation.
• Supervised individuals who were placed on electronic monitoring
• Responsible for conducting drug and alcohol screens
• Responsible for making home calls and collateral contacts on offenders.
• Responsible for making referrals and following up on substance abuse/sex offender/domestic assault treatment programs.

Children’s Protective Services Specialist, Family Independence Agency, Kalamazoo, Michigan: 1993-1996.
• Investigated allegations of Child Abuse and Child Neglect.
• Petitioned the Kalamazoo County Circuit Court-Family Division on behalf of minors found to be the victims of abuse and/or neglect.
• Provided court testimony in both Probate and Circuit Court
• Responsible for writing investigation reports for both the Family Independence Agency, as well as for the Kalamazoo County Circuit Court-Family Division.
• Provided outreach services for families on caseload
• Provided training seminars for the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety police recruiting department as well as for the Kalamazoo County Human Resources Department.

Home Support Specialist, Kalamazoo Public Schools, Kalamazoo, Michigan: 1992-1993.

• Maintained a caseload of elementary school students and their families who were identified as “at risk” for educational and social difficulties.
• Provided families with outreach services in the community.
• Worked with the school support team to identify and monitor both school attendance issues as well as develop behavioral plans for problematic students.
• Developed after-school programs for students.
• Provided transportation for students and their families to medical and counseling appointments.

• Field Worker/Juvenile Division, Kalamazoo County Probate Court, Kalamazoo, Michigan: Spring/Summer, 1992.
• Performed 420 hours of casework duties for the Intensive Probation Department.
• Completed client assessments and interviews.
• Collected and maintained data for clients
• Participated in court hearings and report writing
• Participated in home visits with clients and their families.
• Assisted with a canoe trip involving clients on caseload.


The Nesting Place, Ann Arbor, Michigan: 2006-Present.
• Assisted Director of program with updating intake forms including: consumer social history, medical history, financial history, program release authorizations, and consumer agreement form.
• Conferred with social worker on programmatic issues and policies.
• Provided program staff with “Transition “ module and information.

Court Appointed Special Advocate, Kalamazoo County Juvenile Court, Kalamazoo, Michigan: 1991-1992.
• Participated in a 35-hour training session on working with minors involved in abuse/neglect cases.
• Met regularly with clients and family members.
• Responsible for monthly court reports.
• Made recommendations to the court.

Migrant Farm Worker Advocate, St. Thomas Moore Church, Kalamazoo, Michigan: 1990-1991.

Volunteer Probation Officer, Kalamazoo County Juvenile Court, Kalamazoo, Michigan: 1990-1991.

• Participated in program involving juvenile status offenders
• Worked one-on-one with a juvenile offender for one year following his placement on probation.
• Presented written reports and oral recommendations to the court.

Volunteer Probation Officer, 32-A District Court, Harper Woods, Michigan: 1986-1990
• Assisted in all aspects of client consultation, interviewing and report writing.
• Performed all of the Assistant Coordinator duties for one year.


Ophthalmic Technician, Office of Dr. John P. Clune, M.D., P.C., Detroit, Michigan: 1981-1990.

• Responsible for making home-calls to assist elderly patients who had recently undergone cataract surgeries
• Conducted Visual Field tests and assisted in laser surgeries for glaucoma patients.
• Performed refractions and fitted patients with contact lenses


tador a
Apr 01, 2011 18:38:10
Do you need massage therapist ?
reflexology & massage th.

Apr 01, 2011 14:51:09
I was looking for some info about your company. i have a 84 year old aunt


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