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Economy Skinfold Caliper

Item No. Description Price Quant
12-1112 Economy Skinfold Caliper $35
12-1112-25 Baseline Economy Plastic Skinfold Caliper, 25 Each $450

The economy Skinfold Caliper has durable, plastic construction.

FEATURES for Economy Skinfold Caliper

  • Baseline economy plastic skinfold caliper is lightweight and offers accurate and repeatable measurements.
  • Plastic skinfold caliper is the inexpensive alternative for skinfold analysis.
  • Spring loaded arm assures reproducible "pinch." Read directly from the 50 mm scale.
  • The economy skinfold caliper is an ideal instrument for screening large populations.
  • Unit comes with instruction manual and tables.

SPECIFICATIONS for Economy Skinfold Caliper

Item Length: 8.5"
Item Width: 3.5"
Item Height: 0.5"
Shipping Length: 6"
Shipping Width: 10"
Shipping Height: 10"
Shipping Weight: 0.5 lbs.
Shipping Method: STD
Lead Time: 3 days
Country of Origin: Pakistan
UPC Code: 714905016102
Warehouse Location: NY

Polar Wrist Watches With Heart Rate Monitor

Item No. Description Price Quant
12-2143 Polar FS1 $72
12-2139 Polar FS6, Ladies $133
12-2144 Polar FS3 $97
12-2145 Polar FS6, Mens $133
12-2146 Wireless Chest Strap $39
12-2147 Bra Top, Small $43
12-2148 Bra Top, Medium $43
12-2149 Bra Top, Large $43

Polar "FS" series stopwatches detect heart rate through wireless chest strap.

FEATURES for Polar Wrist Watches With Heart Rate Monitor

  • All three models allow user to continuously view heart rate in BPM, set high and low target zone limits (visual and audible alarm).
  • These watches have extra large digits and are water resistant to 50m.
  • Use included strap or optional bra top to position the transmitter snugly and comfortably around the chest.

SPECIFICATIONS for Polar Wrist Watches With Heart Rate Monitor

  • polar FS1: Instantaneous heart rate, average heart rate of session and elapsed time of session.Dark blue.
  • polar FS3: All features of FS1 and automatic age-based target zone (BPM).Backlight.
  • polar FS6: All features of FS3 and programmable heart rate sets, real time calories burned, graphic feedback, and feature to eliminate cross-talking with other watches.Watch can be uplinked with user’s PC to edit settings.Men’s is available in black, women’s model in green.
  • bra top with transmitter: Optional bra with builtin wireless chest transmitter.
  • wireless chest strap: Additional wireless chest strap.
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