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Dejerine Percussion Hammer 8", W / Needle

Item No. Description Price Quant
1312-2 Dejerine Percussion Hammer 8", W / Needle $20

Dejerine Percussion Hammer comes with hollow stainless steel handle. Black rubber bumper. 8" Length

FEATURES for Dejerine Percussion Hammer 8", W / Needle

  • Hollow stainless steel handle.
  • Black rubber bumper.
  • 8" Length
  • w/needle

Skyndex Skinfold Caliper

Item No. Description Price Quant
12-1100 Single Formula, Jackson-Pollack $483
12-1101 Single Formula, Durnin $483
12-1103 Single Formula, Slaughter/Lohmann $483
12-1107 Dual Formula, Durnin + J-P $628
12-1108 Dual Formula, Durnin +S/Lohmann $628
12-1109 Dual Formula, J-P+S/Lohmann $628

Measure the appropriate sites, press the enter button, body fat percentage will appear on the display.

FEATURES for Skyndex Skinfold Caliper

  • The Skyndex Skinfold Caliper with the 3-site Jackson-Pollock formula is a fast way to assess your athletes Body Composition and Body Fat.
  • Simply select the age range and gender with one dial.
  • This makes assessing Body Composition a 45 second job without the problem of data entry errors as with other types of skinfold calipers.
  • Features Jackson-Pollock 3-Site formula, 1 dial to select Gender & Age, No data entry errors, Built in immediate %Fat calculation, 9v or 110v operation, Foam lined ABS plastic carrying case, calibration dowel and Power Plug included, 1 Year warranty included.

SPECIFICATIONS for Skyndex Skinfold Caliper

Item Length: 6"
Item Width: 10"
Item Height: 10"
Shipping Length: 6"
Shipping Width: 10"
Shipping Height: 10"
Shipping Weight: 4 lbs.
Shipping Method: STD
Lead Time: 3 days
Country of Origin: USA
UPC Code: 714905016034
Warehouse Location: NY
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