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Tools for Elderly and Handicapped Travelers

Face the Challenges and Enjoy the Excitement

Travel, an enjoyable and exciting activity for young and healthy persons, can be challenging for an elderly or handicapped person with decreased body control capabilities, and his / her company during traveling.

The most important step in travel planning is to prepare appropriate tools for assisting to ride, move, shower, sit, stand, rest easily and safely. They need to be light, foldable or detachable - portable enough to be easily put in car, carried on in a bag or wrapped in luggage. 

To Ride To Move
Travel Scooters Travel Scooter Travel Wheelchair in Bag Travel Wheelchair
Travel Scooters - Fold and Roll like Suitcases
easily detached / folded to fit in your car or carry on air plane
Travel Wheelchair in Bag, as light as 18 lbs
perfect for travel by air or other transportations
To Shower / Bath To Sit / Stand
Travel Shower Chair Travel Shower Bench Sliding Travel Uplift Seat Cushion Travel Uplift Seat Cushion
Travel Shower Chair
foldable fit in your luggage
Travel Shower Bench
sliding and swivel
Travel Uplift Seat Cushion in Bag
convert any chair to a lift chair, mechanic or powered
  To Rest (Alternating Pressure Relief) To Deliver
Travel Air Pad, Alternating Pressure Pad Travel Air Mattress, Alternating Pressure Mattress Travel Air Chair, Alternating Pressure Chair Travel Nebulizer, Portable Nebulizer
Travel Air Pad
prevent bed sore
Travel Air Mattress
prevent / heal bed sore
Travel Air Chair
prevent sitting sores
Travel Nebulizer
rechargeable battery

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