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Pulmonary Therapy Mattress

Pulmonary therapy includes exercises and treatments designed to help patients maintain and recover lung function, such as with cystic fibrosis and after surgery or accident. Caring for critically ill or injured patients, especially those who are immobilized, requires the skill, dedication and compassion of experienced nursing professionals can be strengthened by using pulmonary therapy mattresses that offer some of different functions such as lateral rotation, percussion / vibration, low air loss and pressure relief for advanced pulmonary therapy and ulcer prevention.

Our lateral rotation mattress, also called lateral turn mattress, can turn patient laterally to change his / her body position automatically. This helps patient recover from pulmonary diseases and complications, and promotes secondary wound healing and prevention. Lateral rotation mattresses are usually built with low air loss function for pressure relief function since patients with bed-ridden pulmonary diseases are at risk of suffering from bed sores. These products include models SYS-MIL-TTL and LS9500.

lateral rotation mattress
Thera-Turn Millennium Lateral Rotation and Low Air Loss Mattress System
lateral rotation mattress
10 " Lateral Rotation Mattress With On Demand Low Air Loss
Lateral Turning Low Air Loss Pump & Mattress System
Lateral Turning Low Air Loss Pump & Mattress System

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