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Glendale, AZ 85308
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ShapeXpress Of Arrowhead - Fitness Club in Glendale, Arizona (AZ)

Facility: ShapeXpress Of Arrowhead

ShapeXpress Of Arrowhead - Fitness Club in Glendale, Arizona (AZ) in Local Facilities
We provide women of all ages and fitness levels help to quickly and effectively achieve their fitness, health or weight loss goals. Our unique Total Body Workout program works every muscle group in your body (including your heart!), effectively giving you twice the workout in half the time! Our upscale women-only environment also features cardio equipment, free weights, calorie-burning saunas, tanning beds, a Kids' Corner, nutritional products, group classes, personal training services and complimentary lockers, towels and showers.

We even include ongoing Personal Fitness Instruction with every membership! ...

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  • Health Club
  • Fitness Club
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18561 N. 59th Ave
Glendale, Arizona (AZ) - US

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