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Mobility Aids / Walking Aids

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 mobility aids: this is to help you learn how to select a walking aids

How to Select Mobility Aids?

(Educational Purpose Only. Please consult with your physicians to decide the type of mobility aids appropriate for you)
<<<<< LEVEL 1  <<<<< LEVEL 2
The person may have:
  • old hip fracture and other medical problems.
  • old stroke and is getting frail with age.
  • severe (or recent) stroke.
  • severe Parkinson's disease.
  • severe arthritis.
  • generally frail, has not walked for some times.

In sitting:
able to reach forward/sideways partially, unable to reach the floor to pick up things.

In standing:
needs moderate help to stand up from sitting and balance in standing.

some moderate help needed to walk.

Activities of daily living:
needs help in transfer, feeding, grooming, dressing, showering and toileting.

The person may have:
  • old stroke with advanced age.
  • multiple medical problems (e.g. heart disease, stroke, diabetes and amputation of leg).
  • late stage Dememtia.

In sitting:
only passive sitting, i.e. can only sit on chair with back support and armrest.

In standing:
needs 2 or more person to help to stand up.

unable to walk even with help.

Activities of daily living:
dependent in all areas of ADL

Mobility aids:
  • a standard or reciprocal walker, with or without front casters and assistance for standing or walking.
  • may need to use 2 quad or single sticks (canes or crutches) if both hands are functional and assistance during walking.
  • wheelchair for long distance walk or moving outdoor.
Mobility aids:
  • wheelchair or transport chair or companion chair.
  • for severe conditions, all in 1 transport chair or wheelchair may be needed.
we offer walking aids for example mobility aids at low prices. To select the right mobility aids you need to consult with your physician. The above guideline for mobility aids selection is educational purpose only and may be help for you to select the right mobility aids.

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