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Pressure Relief Bedside Air Chair W / Controller

Retail Price: $2,115.00, Our Price: $1,659.00 (22% off) Printable
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This bedside air chair converts any chair to an alternating pressure relief system. The pressure relief therapy is designed for patients to receive maximum pressure relief while in a seat position to prevent pressure ulcers. Shipping is free.

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Item No. Description Was Now Quant
SYS600AC Standard System$2,115.00 $1,659.00
SYS10150-BR Mobile System$2,450.00 $1,979.00
77-SM600AC Replacement Pump For Standard System SYS600AC$1,520.00 $1,169.00
SYS600ACM Mattress Only For Air Chair$1,200.00 $869.00

FEATURES for Pressure Relief Bedside Air Chair W / Controller

  • The SenTech patented family of AIR CHAIRS extends proven alternating pressure relief therapy from the bed to the chair.
  • Utilizing proprietary technology, SenTech has optimized the bedside AIR CHAIR products for patients to receive maximum pressure relief while in a seated position.
  • Patients no longer need to be confined to a bed to receive aggressive alternating pressure relief and maximum therapy
  • Converts any chair to an alternating pressure relief system.
  • Interlocking adjustable placement straps to secure to any stretcher or chair.
  • Patented moisture-proof coverlet.
  • Integrated patient positioning aid.
  • 35 alternating air cells.
  • Options available:
    • Standard Sysyem: mattress + standard controller (needs to plug to A/C outlet).
    • Mobile Sysyem: mattress + mobile controller (driven by battery included, up to 20 hour use between recharging, charger included, low battery sensor alert).
  • Limited Warranty:
    • 2 years compressor.
    • 1 year electronic controller.
    • 1 year soft goods.
    • 6 month battery.

SPECIFICATIONS for Pressure Relief Bedside Air Chair W / Controller

The Controller

Power: 120V / 60Hz, <0.5A
Weight: 6 lbs.
Size: 9" W x 4" D x 8" H
The Overlay (Fully-Inflated)

Size: 18" W x 38" L
Cell Height: 2"
Cycle: 2 min per Cycle
Unit Weight: 3.1 lbs.
Weight Capacity: 550 lbs.
Number of Air Cells: 35

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 Questions & Comments (14)

QHow wide is this air pressure chair cushion? - I am looking for a pressure relieving cushion or overlay for a lift chair recliner - my patient weighs over 325 lbs. So needs to be compatible with weight. Wondering if this would work.
AThe width and capacity of this air pressure chair cushion are 18" and 550 lbs respectively. The cushion works best on a hard surface.
QMy father sleeps in powered recliner, not a bed due to hemiparesis. He has a pressure sore on buttocks. Is there any Medicare covered pad for his recliner?
AThis item is not covered by medicare nor insurance as indicated on the website. All customer paid from their own pockets. Actually, none of these are covered by Medicare.
QWill this air pressure chair fit over a recliner / lift chair?
AYes, this can work with lift chair. But the surface of the chair should be hard enough in order for the air chair to work appropriately. Also the width of the lift chair should be at least 18" for the mattress pad to fit in.
QIs the Pressure Relief Bedside Air Chair A CHAIR OR just a PAD basically The photo looks like a pad. I am looking at a Pride brand lift bed but want something to prevent pressure sores. Please advise.
AIt is only the pad plus the controller. It can be put on any regular chair and turn it into an alternating pressure relief system. The is no such a Pride brand lift bed that can prevent pressure sores. These are two different products with special functions. They are never combined on the market. It is not recommended to use the air pressure pad on a lift chair since the surface of the chair is too soft.
QIs the chair certified by Medicare to prevent and cure stage 2 pressure sores Do you offer a wheelchair cushion that alternates positions for the back and legs as well as the seat
AMedicare does not certify it since it is not covered by medicare any way. The item is designed to prevent and heal bed sore including stage II when patient is in sitting position. For wheelchair cushion there is a model with back but not footrest. If you need a foot support too, you can consider our air pressure recliner chair that comes with the alternating pressure air cushion, back and foot support integrated with the clinical recliner. Please find out details on the following pages:

QIs the SYS600AC good for people bed bound with stage IV bedsores? If not, any sitting product available for stage IV bedsores for a chair? Was considering getting wheelchair recliner 577rG863
AYes, this air pressure chair can convert a regular chair into an alternating pressure relief system and provides the most effective pressure relief for a patient with bedsore in a sitting position. If you need a clinical recliner to be used together, you can consider the recliner air chair.


Also, the patient will not just sit all the time, she / he may stay on bed for significant amount of time. The following models of Stage IV alternating pressure mattresses are highly recommended for patient with Stage IV bedsores.

QCan the mobile system (SYS600ACB) fit on a wheel chair, car seat, or any type of chair; such as a infinite reclining lift chair? Does the mobile system have to be beside the alternating air pressure bed mattress?
AYes, the mobile system can be used on any chair and turn it to an alternating pressure seating system. To fit it perfectly, it is necessarily to do a little measurement. The seat width should be a little wider than the width of air chair which is 18". The total length of the air chair pad is 38". So the seat depth plus the back height of your chair should be close to this. For best preventative and therapeutic efficiency, the seat surface should be firm enough. Therefore a wheelchair, car seat and most types of chairs should work well with it. If reclining lift chair is not too soft, it should work too although may not as well as regular hard surface chairs.
QHow long is the SYS600ACB Mobile System guaranteed for? If the mobile air chair needs repaired or replacement parts how much does that cost?
APlease refer to the warranty statement on the website for details. If it is within the warranty period, replacement parts and repair are free. The unit usually is built to last for many years. After warranty period, the cost can vary depending on the problem as you can imagine. Most of the minor problems can go away by restarting the system. Replacement for an air cell costs under $100.
QPressure Relief Bedside Air Chair w/ Controller. Is this product leak proof and hole resistant?
AIf we understand your question correctly, you want to know if the air cells are durable enough to resist damage. The answer is "Yes". The air cells are durable enough again damage for normal use as mattress cushion. Scratches can be easily repaired using scratch paint for air mattress. However, sharp edge can still cut it. The air cells are individually replaceable as modules under extremely bad situation.
QI need to know if this item can be altered somehow in order to be able to work with 220V elctricity power in overseas. if I buy the standard system, Can I buy the battery for mobile system using later or should I order all pieces together including battery.
AYou can use a voltage transform converter that is available in many appliance store. Many foreign customers purchased the product and used it overseas this way. You can buy the mobile system that comes with a rechargeable batteries. It can be used in house by pluging into the wall or outside driven by the batteries that are charged.
Qmy for is a dialysis patient he has a stage 4 bedsore he needs some type of cushion to sit on to prevent pain please help me find something for him.
AFor sitting, the air pressure chairs are the best products on market to help prevent and heal bedsores. There are many other cushions on the market to reduce pressure. But none of others are really as effective as the air chairs that are designed based on the alternating pressure technology that is widely used on bedsore healing mattresses. You can also select among the following types based on your needs or preference.

QDo you have a medicare code number for this item? Also, do you make anything similar that is thicker? Need for a patient with stage IV ulcer and understand that need at least 5 inch thickness in air pad to help with healing.
ASorry, there is no medicare code for this. In fact, medicare does not cover purchase of the product. This mattress cushion is 4" thick and is the only model of this type of product on the market built on a patented technology. Since it is used on a chair instead of bed, higher thickness will make it less stable for patient to sit on. This alternating mattress cushion is good enough to prevent / healing bed sores when the patient is in sitting position.

For stage IV ulcer, you will need a bed mattress that can heal such an advanced stage since such a patient is usually in bed most of the time. The following models are highly recommended for the best therapeutic effect:

QDo you accept a doctor's prescription so that my private pay Aetna TRS insurance can pay for it? I am interested in the bedside airchair.
AWe are sorry that we do not bill insurance and therefore do not accept doctor's prescription since your insurance may or may not cover the product. You can purchase and get reimbursed later yourself if you can. You can also have your insurance agree to cover and contact us to offer payment.
QWhat info/stats can can you give of the effectiveness of this in preventing bedsores?
AThe product is built based on the industrial gold standard alternating pressure (AP) technology for bedsore prevention and healing. Alternating pressure mattresses, based on the same technology, have been widely used in hospitals, care giving facilities, rehab centers and home for patients who spend long time on bed due to various physical conditions.

The pressure alternaing mechanism ensures that the pressure under the body will not focus on the same spot for long but spread throughout the body surface so that the skin will be pressed much less than otherwise. Large amount of scientific research and clinical practice have proved the effectiveness of the technology.

This pressure relief air chair applies the same technology to seat cushion performing similar pressure relief function when a patient is in sitting position, instead of lying on bed. The pressure alternating activities happen on the back, hip and legs in the same way as AP mattress to reduce / relieve pressure on boday surface.

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Pressure Relief Bedside Air Chair W / Controller

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