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Discussion About: Sprinter Jumbo XL 4-Wheel Heavy Duty Electric Scooter, 500 lbs

Sprinter Jumbo XL 4-Wheel Heavy Duty Electric Scooter, 500 lbs
I am looking at your Sprinter Jumbo XL 4-wheel Heavy Duty Electric Scooter. I have a medical prescription from my doctor and have Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance (SC state plan) - two questions: do you handle insurance? and, do the arms on this particular model move up or down in order to fit larger people? And two more questions: what would be the price of a spare battery and how does this become "mobile" on your car? What kind of "holder/rack" and price? Is there somewhere near Charlotte North Carolina that sells these where I could go and see if I fit and am comfortable?
We are sorry that we do not take any insurance for the product. You can contact your insurance to see if they are willing to pay for it. The product is not available in any local stores near you. We can ship it to your home free of shipping charge.

For your product questions: the arms can move up and down. Whether you can make it mobile depending on the type of vehicle you have.
This bold, daring and sporty new heavy duty electric scooter is perfect for those who are looking for comfort and style with added weight and driving capacity (the longest driving distance at the same price in the market). Shipping is free. Learn more about the Sprinter Jumbo XL 4-Wheel Heavy Duty Electric Scooter, 500 lbs


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