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Discussion About: AL030 Power Tote Wheelchair Carrier / Lift

AL030 Power Tote Wheelchair Carrier / Lift
Does this lift need to be attached to the trailer with with each use? Is it stored in the trunk after a one time only installation? Does the user of this product need to move it each time? Hoe much does it weigh? How much is installation? Do any modifications need to be made to the car or trunk to use this lift? Is there any bending or lifting involved in any of the above manuevers? Thank you!
The lift is installed in a receiver hitch and stays there until it is uninstalled. It does not go into the trunk. It carries the scooter on the outside of the vehicle. No bending or lifting required. This lift is powered so the motor does the lifting not the client.
Harmar Mobility's lineup of quality carriers makes transporting your wheelchair a breeze. Both tilting and non-tilting models are available. This user-friendly design attaches easily and safely to your trailer hitch. Shipping is free. Learn more about the AL030 Power Tote Wheelchair Carrier / Lift


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