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Discussion About: Deluxe 5 drawer electronic locking lightweight Crash Cart

Deluxe 5 drawer electronic locking lightweight Crash Cart
1) How does one initiate the automatic Locking and Unlocking function?

2) 250 user codes - How are these programmed / entered? How is the software downloaded into the cart? Via a USB port ?

3)Can the system be set up so that only certain user codes can lock and unlock the drawers?

3) Battery - What would be the typical battery life? What is the battery type and the battery voltage?. Does the cart include a AC battery charger?

4) Can the cart be powered from AC power?

1) The automatic locking and unlocking function is initiated electronically with little metal teeth on the door to lock the drawers.

2) The cart comes with a override key and 2 codes - one 4 digit user code and one 5 digit supervisor code pre-set up. You can customize these codes. The supervisor code is needed to assign other user codes and to do management activities such as change batteries and track the login history. In case the batteries goes down completely, the keypad does not work and override key is needed to change the batteries. If the override key is lost or stolen, it can be replaced or the lock should be replaced for safety concern. But changing the lock does not influence the electronic locking codes since they are two separate system and changing the lock is very easy.

3) The software is downloaded into a computer not into the cart. There is a phone (internet) jack like port at the back bottom of the cart. With the lock manager software and supervisor code, you are able to download the access log data from the cart and analyze it for data trace and customization setting.

4) A user code is to lock or unlock the drawers. If you don't want other users to do so, just don't give them the codes. By default, the drawers are automatically relocked in 5 minutes after ALL of the drawers are pushed back. The drawers stay unlocked if one of them is open. If you want to change the duration of relocking, you need the lock manager software to set the auto-locking timer from 1 - 998 minutes. If you need to drawers to be relocked immediately without delay, you need to override key to do so.

5) and 6) It takes 4 regular D type batteries not AC power. The batteries usually last more than a year. It is recommended to change the batteries once a year for smooth operation. Again, only supervisor code or override key can allow battery change.
We have combined a state of the art locking system with the features of our Elite Lightweight Aluminum cart to provide you with the best product available on the market today. This fully automated locking system auto UNLOCKS at the touch of a button. You can also set the auto-locking timer from 1 - 998 minutes and the cart will relock itself. By ordering one software package, you can download and manage information for all your carts right on your laptop or personal computer. Don't forget our Proximity Card (HID) option as an authentication method for any facility. Learn more about the Deluxe 5 drawer electronic locking lightweight Crash Cart


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