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Ushop - Caregiver Rewards Program

What is Ushop?

A Ushop is your own portable / mobile e-shop that allows you to make profit or help your customers save on tens of thousands of home health care and fitness products in uCan Shop. When you or your customers order from your Ushop, you will get cash credit.

Who is eligible for a Ushop?

Ushop is available for professional caregivers, nurses, physicians and therapists who serve patients and elderly / disabled / handicapped people as their jobs.

How does Ushop work?

You need an account set up in order to perform.

Set Ushop on your PC or mobile devices (tablet or smartphone) by
  • clicking on on top of the product page and enter your account number.

If the icon changes from: to: , uCan Shop is converted to your Ushop successfully on your device.

Then do one of the following simple things from your device:

  1. Share product pages with your customers via emails, text messages, instant messaging or social media (such as facebook, twitter, google+, etc.), and let them to order by themselves.


  2. Help your customers place orders on your PC or mobile devices.

  3. If you can not do either above, ask your customers to enter your account number as promotion code when they place order.

If you follow either of the steps above, our system will be able to recognize the orders from your or your customers' devices and your account will be credited. You will be able to track and claim cash credit earned in your account.

What are the advantages of a Ushop?

A Ushop offers tens of thousands of high quality, stylish and user-friendly products for patient care at home, hospitals, care facilities or during travel... and for training of healthcare professionals in North America and improving the health and fitness of human bodies.

Many of the products are designed to meet special needs that are commonly ignored and can not be easily found in local stores of medical and fitness supplies.

By owning a Ushop, you can better help your customers in need of related products while marking easy profit or helping your customers save money on the products.

The products in the Ushop are priced at up to $15,000 each. The prices are very competitive compared to those on the market especially in local stores. Free shipping is offered for orders of above $50. With a Ushop set up, you will be able to makes up to $1,500 cash credit per transaction or help your customers save up to the amount on top of our online prices.

Ushop can be set on your or your customer's PCs or mobile devices such as smartphone or tablet (iPhone, iPad or Android system) so that it is very easy for you to help others or share information with others.

Ushop on PC Ushop on Smartphone Ushop on Tablet

How can I track the cash balance?

Just log into your account using your PC or mobile devices. The system offers real-time tracking and reporting on orders and credit / debit balance.

How can I get the money?

We will send monthly checks to the payee specified in your account once the balance reaches $50 which is very easy. If it doesn't, the payment are simply rolled over to the next month until the $50 is reached. Currency mentioned in this program is USD.

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