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WhisperLite II Full-Electric Low Hospital Bed For Home Care

Retail Price: $3,075.00, Our Price: $880.00 (71% off) Printable
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One of the quietest and lightest hospital beds for patient home care with fewer parts and less chance to go wrong. The revolutionary bed and moter design provide the ultimate in quiet, smooth operation. Shipping is free.

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* Medicare coverage: No
* Availability: Yes

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Item No. Description Was Now Quant
WL0658 Bed Frame Only$3,075.00 $880.00
WL0658-PKGFM W/ Foam Mattress$3,454.00 $989.00
WL0658-PKGHLF W/ Innerspring Mattress And Half Rails$3,378.00 $989.00
WL0658-PKGSPRG W/ Innerspring Mattress$3,378.00 $976.00
ZID Inside Delivery$200.00 $160.00

FEATURES for WhisperLite II Full-Electric Low Hospital Bed For Home Care

  • Offering the same great quality and features as the other WhisperLite II series beds, the new WhisperLite II Low Bed adds the safety and peace of mind for caregivers in every home. 
  • With a low height of only 9 , injuries from falling out of bed are no longer a great concern. 
  • By merely switching the bed ends, one can go from a Full Electric standard height bed to a full electric Low bed. Low cost. Low worries. Low Bed.
  • Ends are self-leveling
  • Casters engage at lowest position for bed movement.
  • Casters disengage when bed is elevated to disallow movement of bed
  • Bed ends will work with any full electric WhisperLite frame.
  • The low bed is very easy to setup.
  • Head and foot sections adjust with quiet and strong DC motor.
  • Warranty: 
    • Welds: Limited Lifetime. 
    • All other components: Two Years.

SPECIFICATIONS for WhisperLite II Full-Electric Low Hospital Bed For Home Care

Height Range (Deck Level): 9.5" - 20"
Overall Length: 87"
Bed Width at Head End: 36"
Weight Capacity: 450 lbs.

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 Questions & Comments (19)

QI want a double size bed that can be semi electric. How can I tell if your beds are double size
AThere are two types of hospital beds on the market, standard and bariatric models based on size and weight capacity. For all standard models, the width is 36" which is equivalent to twin size. For bariatric models there are 42", 48", 54" and 60". The 54" width is equivalent to full size and 60" width is equivalent to queen size. So please browse through the following page to determine which model is what you are looking for.


Bariatric hospital beds are only available with full electric models. There is not semi electric model for this kind of beds on the market.
QWhat are the length and width of this bed
AThe overall length and width are 87" x 36". The length of the sleeping surface is 80".
QDoes this bed raise auto from the floor up or do I have to hand roll it?
AThis is a full electric hospital bed which means that raising up or lowering down the bed can be done electrically by using the hand control that comes with it.
QDoes this bed have another model that takes up to 600 lbs or 500 lbs
ASorry, we do not have any low bed with such high capacity. But we do have bariatric hospital beds with higher weight capacity but higher bed height range.
QWant be to lower after I sit on it. How low can it go
AThe bed frame can go as low as 9.5" from the ground as described on the specifications.
Qthe bed shown in this picture how much does it weigh
AThe bed itself weighs about 160 - 170 lbs. assembled.
QHow many days will it take to deliver this bed to Portland, Oregon after purchase? Does this one have handrails?
AIt will take about 3 business days to deliver to Portland OR. If you need handrails, you need to select a package such as WL0658-PKGHLF that comes with mattress and bed rails.
QIs a low hospital bed covered under medicare for someone who had a stroke and is going home?
ANo, medicare will not cover purchase of these beds. All customers paid for the purchase by themselves.
QHow much does it weigh? When delivered, how many packages and the weight of the packages? I need to determine if I can get it into my apartment myself. I live in an apartment, where do they deliver it to, parking lot, or front door?
ADepending on the item you select, it may come with 5 - 6 packages, each is up to 35 lbs. For standard service, the trucking company will deliver the product to curbside at no extra cost. You need to take it into your home. If you need extra delivery service, you can select inside delivery at extra cost.
Qim looking for a full size full electric bed cheap as possible.I must be able to hold 400 lbs. and low to the floor. Dortha Smith
AIn order to get a wider hospital bed, you will need to order a bariatric hospital bed with wider size and higher weight capacity. You can consider the following models:

QDoes this come with head and footboards in other finishes?
AThe bed is available only with the finish on the website. If you are interested in different ones, you can consider a long term care professional model such as the following lo-max bed. You can have options of head and foot boards with light oak, medium oak or dark walnut finishes:

Qare your frames and mattress new or used equipment
AAll of our products are brand new although the prices are deeply discounted.
QI take care of my wheel-chair bound mom at home. We sometimes have trouble getting her from the bed into the wheelchair. Does this bed go up and down for getting into and out of it? Also, if she can't sleep at night, can she raise and/or lower her back and feet?
AYes, it is a full electric hospital bed that can be adjusted to raise or lower from 9.5" - 20" from the ground for easy transfer by pushing the button. She can also adjust the back or feet for comfort by pushing the button too.
QDo you offer full electric beds w/motors that operate on 50hz voltage?
AThe full electric whisperlite WL0608 and WL0458 are both operated at 110/115V 50Hz/60Hz
Qwhat is the best matress bed combo for paraplygic spinal injury customers
AYou can consider the following package on the page WL0658-PKGFM. This inculdes the bed and foam mattress. If you are bedriden and are at risk of developing bed sore, you may consider to have an alternating pressure mattress that is best to prevent and heal the bed sore. You can get an overlay to put on top of the foam mattress, or a mattress replacement system that can be used alone on the bed frame (so that you do not need the foam mattress).

QI am looking for a full size electric bed. Any recommendations ?
APer industrial standard, hospital beds wider than 36" are considered bariatric hospital beds. A full size bed is 54" in width. So your option is a 54" bariatric hospital bed that supports higher weight.


There is no full size model on the market that supports lower than 500 lbs.
QHello, How low does the frame come from the floor? The cost is $880.00; how much more is the matress for this bed? A mid-quality type. How much is the delivery for 05446 zip code and when would shipment be if I were to buy the bed? Does consumers qualify for this same price and shipment fee?
AThe bed frame is adjustable between 9.5" - 20" from the floor. For a package with hospital bed and mattress, you can choose WL0658-PKGFM (with foam mattress) or WL0658-PKGSPRG (with innerspring mattress). Shipping is free to deliver to your location. It will take 2-3 business days to ship to you in VT. The price is for all customers.
QDo you sell full length rails for this bed?
ANo, only half rails are available in the packages for this low hospital bed. Technically, full length rails are not recommended to use with the low bed. That's why we do not offer such a package with full rails. If you need to protect the patient in the full length, you can select one of the package with the half rails plus an extra set of half rails. http://ucanhealth.com/goto.php?page=detail.php&graph1=GF6650A-1
QOn item#WL0608-PKGHLF I was wondering the thickness on the innerspring. What size is the mattress to fit the bed? The 1/2 rail with this order, is that the 98.00 rail you sell? Also, how long would it take to get to New Ulm, MN? My mom is renting a bed now and wants to buy one instead so we need to know about how long it will take to get here.
AThe innerspring mattress is about 7" thick and 35" x 80" in size. For details please refer to the following package:
Yes, the 1/2 rail is the $98 one which is
Usually it takes about 4 business days to deliver.

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WhisperLite II Full-Electric Low Hospital Bed For Home Care

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